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Top Ten TV Shows To Binge Over Halloween Weekend

1. Mindhunter

David Fincher’s serial killer phase has never ended if Mindhunter is any evidence. The singular director’s second Netflix collaboration (after House of Cards)Mindhunter follows two FBI agents as they interview serial killers in order to find out how they tick. It’s very talky, but through these conversations with the literal worst that humanity has to offer it’s impossible to finish the show without a sense that humanity is doomed. So, very Halloween.

2. Stranger Things

Season two of Stranger Things drops on Netflix during this hallowed weekend, so horror fans are almost duty-bound to binge the full season. Hype for season two has been at a near constant fever pitch since the first trailer aired during the Super Bowl earlier this year, and it looks like the problems facing the town of Hawkins will be decidedly bigger.

3. Lore

Have you ever wondered about the origins of some of the most popular horror stories? Who hasn’t, which is why Amazon’s original series, entitled Lore, delves into these mysteries with a mix of drama and documentary. It’s a must for every horror fan.

4. American Horror Story

The great thing about American Horror Story’s anthology format is that fans can binge the season that adheres most to their own horrific tastes. Want an old-fashioned haunted house? Try season one. If witches and New Orleans voodoo are up your street then try season three. If it’s political farce with no supernatural elements, but with plenty of blood, then catch up with the latest season.

5. Supernatural

Supernatural may be the show that perfected the monster of the week format. While later seasons get bogged down with repetitive mythology episodes, season 1-5 have some of the greatest single horror episodes on TV. If you are a fan of urban legends, then season one has got you covered.

6. Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow surprised everyone with its first season that exceeded the decidedly low expectations of its audience. Equal parts horror and action adventure, Sleepy Hollow has more in common with the Brendan Fraser Mummy films than Tim Burton. With great scares, and even better lead performances from Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie, Sleepy Hollow is more treat than trick.

7. Hannibal

Serial killers are the modern-day bogeymen, and none are more formidable in fiction than Hannibal Lecter. Created by Bryan Fuller (American Gods), Hannibal follows the psychiatrist/cannibal in the years before FBI agent Will Graham captured him. Hannibal is a gory, sumptuous horror melodrama, every bit as tasty as what the good doctor serves for dinner.

8. Salem’s Lot

Stephen King is having a banner year for TV and film adaptations. There has been the good (IT, Mr Mercedes, 1922, Gerald’s Game), and the downright awful (The Mist, The Dark Tower), but let’s go back in time to this spinetingling TV miniseries. Based on King’s fantastic novel, Salem’s Lot is the story of a town overrun by vampires. The series has aged remarkably well (unlike IT) and the scares still pack a punch, which isn’t surprising as it’s directed by Tobe Hooper.

9. Dead Set

Before Charlie Brooker put our worst fears about technology into the perfect package to scare the hell out of us he cut his teeth in this effective, and surprisingly funny miniseries. Set around the Big Brother house, a sudden zombie outbreak causes complete chaos. Zombie Davina McCall alone is worth watching.

10. Black Mirror

Halloween is where the monster come out to play, but it’s fuelled, like all horror, through fear. This is exactly what make Black Mirror so effective, and the biggest contender for the title of modern day Twilight Zone.




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