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Top Ten Marvel TV villains

1. Madame Gao

As the most interesting finger of the Hand (sorry), Madame Gao has commanded respect and fear in equal measure in both Daredevil and Iron Fist. She’s easily the most interesting villain of the latter show and manged to come away from the Defenders unscathed. Respect-wise, I know that a building fell on her.

2. Nobu

Nobu isn’t much of a dynamic, or interesting character, but he can beat the bloody hell out of Daredevil. Arguably, Nobu is at his beat in season one of Daredevil, but he is still just an obstacle on the way to better villains.

3. John Garrett

Most of the first season of Agents of Shield is complete garbage. Then the late Bill Paxton makes his entrance, Hydra makes their move, and everything goes crazy. Paxton is having a blast as John Garret, a villain whose increasing insanity made him standout against his blander protégé.

4. Dottie Underwood

Marvel should bring back Agent Carter. Hayley Atwell is a fantastic actor, and Peggy Carter is a fantastic role, so there had to be a villain that could match her. Bridget Regan’s Dottie Underwood is just that. Coming from the same Soviet assassin programme that made Black Widow, Dottie is beautiful, dangerous, and has a psychotic fascination with Peggy.

5. Calvin Zabo

It took a while for Agents of Shield to find its own purpose, and as of season two, it still wasn’t quite there. Thankfully KyleMacLachlan was cast as the villainous Calvin Zebo, also known as Mr Hyde. That name is no joke as Kyle MacLachlan tears up the screen with fits of violent rage. He’s also a character of some depth as his story is one of tragedy which I won’t spoil for those that haven’t seen the show.

6. Johann Fennhoff

One of Captain America’s most famous comic book enemies, Johann Fennhoff, or Doctor Faustus, is the man behind Dottie Underwood. Considering his status in the comics, it shows how serious Marvel took Agent Carter that they kept Faustus for her instead of another Captain America film.

7. Black Mariah

It’s simple: when you hire Alfre Woodard you’re in for an amazing performance, and that’s just what we got when she played Black Mariah in Luke Cage. Mariah’s true time is yet to come, as Luke had to deal with Diamondback but her slick political persona will be causing Harlem’s Defender a lot of problems when the second season comes around.

8. Cottonmouth

Oh, what could have been. Mahershala Ali’s Cottonmouth was the gentleman gangster to end all gentlemen gangsters, and the first series of Luke Cage should have been Cottonmouth against Luke. Instead we =got Diamondback, who sucked. Mariah could have killed him a few episodes later, just saying.

9. Wilson Fisk

The first truly great villain of the MCU’s television universe, Wilson Fisk aka the Kingpin, was a complex and oddly relatable villain. He was the highlight of Daredevil’s first season, and subtly played by Vincent D’Onofrio who found humanity in the greatest of monsters.

10. Kilgrave

Kilgrave may be the best villain of the entire MCU. Not because he’s likable (he’s not), not because he is played by David Tennent (although that certainly helps), but because he is a symbol of the very real evils of our culture. He doesn’t want to take over the world, and with his mind-control powers he absolutely could, he just wants to own Jessica Jones. He is a human monster without empathy or kindness, which is a lot scarier than Thanos.




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