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Top 5 South Park Easter Eggs

South Park is definitely one of the most brutal animated series ever. The creators of South Park pranked and made fun of nearly, and virtually everything and anything, so it’s safe to say that this series is quite straightforward. However, there are a lot of hidden meanings behind some of their pranks, and we’re here to demystify some of them.

5. The clash with Scientologists

If you watched the episode “Trapped in the Closet”, you already know that they trolled Scientologists (Tom Cruise, for the most part). In this episode, Stan was supposed to be the leader of the modern Scientologists, but he easily refuses the role. The portrayed character of Tom Cruise refuses to believe it, and traps himself in the closet. As this was done without his consent (which is a thing of tradition with South Park), it’s only obvious that he wanted to sue them. The creators were clever, though, so they switched all names in the credits to John Smith and Jane Smith.

4. George Clooney appeared in one of the episodes as a dog

One of the biggest controversies about South Park is that a lot of famous stars like them a lot, and they even sometimes ask for a role. Matt and Tray Parker have a tradition – whenever this happens, the role must be minor and demeaning. For instance, George Clooney had to act like a dog – or better yet, to sound like a dog.

3. An indecent proposal

You probably already know that South Park’s creators signed a contract with Comedy Central. Now, nearly everything about South Park series is profane and absurd, but there’s one time when it really hit the fan. The episode “It hits the fan” could only be aired (per Comedy Central instructions) if the particular word for feces would be mentioned exactly 200 times (or more, but not less).

In the official explanation for this agreement, Comedy Central’s representatives claimed that no one in the audience cares about swearing and profanity, so this is one of those “why not?” episodes. Most people were puzzled by the counter at the bottom left of the episode, but it actually did hit 200.

2. The creators are huge Star Wars fans

It’s not only that Star Wars appears in every second episode (at least as a reference), but this cult appears on absolutely every Halloween special episode. If it’s not the storm troopers, at least one kid has to wear the Chewbacca costume. There was a major increase in Star Wars references after they were bought by Disney (apparently, the creators hated what Disney did to their famous movie).

1. South Park is the Guinness World Record Holder

We can all agree that this animated series is unique in every possible aspect (apart from the fact that it airs in video format). Now, it was only a matter of time before they set the record for anything in the field of profanity. South Park holds the record for the “Most Swearing” in the animated series group.



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