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Top 10 Simpsons Fun Facts

Simpsons are one of the best family/comedy series of all time. Matt Groening, their creator, made hours and hours of quality time with our families and friends possible with this series, so it’s only fitting that we pay him some tribute with several demystification facts about his finest work – the Simpsons.

A fun fact, before we get to the “fun” facts – Matt Groening seems quite obsessed with Hell, even though he portrays Simpsons characters in a very comical way. He’s the author of several “infernal” books, including “The Big Book of Hell”, “School is Hell”, “Work is Hell”, and more.

1. The “Hands” of Simpsons Characters

If you’ve watched closely, you might’ve noticed that most Simpsons characters have only four fingers on their hands, with the little exception – God. The big fellow sports five fingers, just like any normal guy (ironically).

2. D’oh! – It’s a word, actually

Most people would easily recognize Homer’s “D’oh!” in an instant, but only a handful of people actually knows that “D’oh!” is a word, like any other. You can check this in the Oxford English Dictionary.

3. The Long Seasons

One of the main reasons why we were waiting for a premiere of the Simpsons seasons is because a single episode requires whole 6 months to make. This is certainly a long time for an animated series episode, but it’s safe to say that it was worth the wait.

4. Bart – An Inspiration

Even though Bart’s a fictional character, he was labeled as one of the most influential people of the century by the TIME magazine (edition 1998), along with a clever phrase “Yes, Bart, even you made the list”.

5. A Simpsons Marathon isn’t actually a “Marathon”

There’s a total of 28 seasons of “The Simpsons”, but you’d be surprised to find that you’d only need a week or so to watch all episodes (without advertisement or sleep, that is). The total runtime of all “The Simpsons” episodes can be watched in approximately 8.5 days.

6. Like father, like son

If you were somewhere around Bart’s age when Simpson’s premiered, you would now be approximately the same age as his father – Homer.

7. The infamous “Family Guy” bash

South Park bashed the Family Guy in one episode, and they “drew” a character that was supposed to portray Bart. The crew from The Simpsons sent flowers to “SP Studios” afterward. The whole episode was purely comic, even though there’s quite a lot of bad blood between these cartoons.

8. The Simpson’s famous slang

If you ever sighed “meh” during a particularly uninteresting topic, you were actually quoting The Simpsons. They made the word popular, and it’s now used worldwide as a sign of utter unimportance and insignificance.

9. Homer, the blabbermouth

As you might have noticed, Homer speaks a lot during the show. Now, this is definitely an understatement, considering that he spoke about 1.3 million words. Yep, that’s a 6-digit number.

10. Homer, The scientist

Homer’s theory that our universe has the shape that resembles a donut is actually somewhat supported by some cosmologists (since it’s round-shaped, most likely).




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