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Top 10 Heroes Of The Arrowverse

With the CW’s Arrowverse shows finished until October there is no better time to uncover just who is the greatest hero of them all. Here are the top 10 heroes of the Arrowverse.

10. Ray Palmer: The Atom

First introduced in season three of arrow, Ray Palmer is now an irreplaceable member of the Legends of Tomorrow. A genius billionaire, and not the brooding kind, Ray uses his considerable intellect to become the Atom: using a suit that can shrink to the size of, you guessed it, an Atom.

9. Jon Jonzz: Martian Manhunter

The lone survivor of the Martian genocide, Martian Manhunter is now the head of the DEO and a father figure to Supergirl and her sister Alex. Apart from the fact that he looks really cool, Jon has a strong sense of honour and will willingly sacrifice himself for a world in which he has made his home.

8. John Diggle: Spartan

Ah Dig, you are the wisest and the most compassionate member of Team Arrow. While David Ramsey is regularly underserved as Diggle, his role as Oliver’s friend, confidante, and sometimes conscience, means that he is an indispensable hero that keeps everyone else grounded. Even if the helmet does look stupid.

7. Alex Danvers

While the writers didn’t seem sure about what to do with Alex in season one, she has now become the show’s best character next to Kara. Not only is she an ass-kicking scientist super-spy, she is also at the centre of one of the show’s strongest plotlines, with her coming out story told with the kind of sensitivity and grace that Supergirl has in spades.

6. Leonard Snart: Captain Cold

It’s a testament to the development of Captain Cold in the Arrowverse that he would be at home on both the heroes list and the villains. Played with a carefully calibrated combination of combination of over the top humour, and an ice cool exterior, Wentworth Miller elevates every scene, whether he’s sacrificing himself for all of reality, or breaking out of a Soviet prison. It’s not his first prison break after all.

5. Thea Queen: Speedy

Who is the one character in Arrow that can match Oliver Queen’s status as the most dangerous person in the room? That would be his sister, who has gone through her own five years in hell to become a formidable superhero. Can we please get the Thea spinoff? It must happen.

4. Barry Allen: The Flash

If it wasn’t for the fact that over the last eighteen month Barry has been an idiot he would have topped this list. The last two seasons of The Flash have mishandled its titular hero, but there are still glimpses of season one Flash in Grant Gustin’s performance to let us know that Barry is still in there. With the climax if season three (don’t worry, no spoilers), signalling an end to the show’s dark night of the soul, Barry may be that that enthusiastic hero once again.

3. Sara Lance: White Canary

Sara Lance is another character to have a great redemptive plot in the Arrowverse but, like Thea, she was a lot more than just a supporting character to Oliver. Sara’s inclusion in Legends of Tomorrow is one of the was the smartest move. Even though she has to share screen time with a large team, Sara is the centre of that team, something Legend’s series two realised by making her captain of the Waverider. Not only is she a skilled assassin, Sara is also one of tke most layered characters in a show that is basically a Saturday morning cartoon. And the fact that she’s having lots of historical women fall for her makes her the Arrowverse’s James Bond, but obviously much better.

2. Kara Danvers: Supergirl

Melissa Benoist as Supergirl is everything that the cinematic Superman is not. With a kind, generous nature, and an immovable virtue, the last Daughter of Krypton is a great antidote to the cavalcade of brooding male heroes that usual lead comic book shows, and movies. As the only out and out female superhero lead (Jessica Jones is a little different), Supergirl has used its platform to tell female positive, and LGBT stories, with Supergirl firmly a symbol of hope and inclusion. You know, like Superman used to be.

1. Oliver Queen: Green Arrow

The hero that started it all wouldn’t have topped this list if season five of Arrow hadn’t been such a startling return to form. Oliver Queen is still the Arrowverse’s best hero because being a hero means that he must fight what he has become due to those five years in hell. Every hero has had trauma, it’s an essential ingredient, but through five seasons of Arrow we have seen every cut, bruise, broken bone, loved on killed, and Oliver keeps going, with a little help from his friends.




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