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Things We Want to See in the Seventh Season of Game of Thrones

Whoever said “all good things must come to an end” has us really upset right now. It seems like only yesterday, and not six years ago, that one of the best TV shows in the history of mankind began. Well, according to EOnline, the bosses of the show have confirmed that the last two seasons will be shorter than the previous six. As if ten episodes didn’t already have us wanting more, the seasons will be cut down to 7 or 8 episodes each.

The seventh season is set to premier this June and we, the people, already know what we want to see in what is sure to be an incredible season. Here are the seven things we want to see happen in the seventh season of Game of Thrones.

1. Jon Snow and Daenerys tag team the White Walkers

Someone needs to handle these White Walkers, and they need to do it soon. What would be better than two major badasses teaming up to handle a major problem? Nothing, that’s what! With Jon’s (and Sansa’s) ability to rally the troops and Daenerys’ fire-breathing babies, we see a victory in their future.

2. Arya kill Cersei

So all Cersei’s kids have been killed but she’s finally queen, the Mad Queen, but a queen nonetheless. And although the prophecy said that she will be queen until a younger and more beautiful woman (Daenerys) came to take her crown, we really want Arya to be the one who kills her. Call us savage but the Starks need to get some more revenge!

3. Hodor and/or Catelyn revived

If we could wish for one thing from the producers of the show, it would be to bring Hodor back. He was one of the most endearing characters that has ever been on the show. He sacrificed himself so that Bran could get to safety and he needs to be brought back to fulfill another destiny. We’d also love to see Mama Stark reappear; she has some apologizing to do.

4. Tyrion find happiness

Everyone knows that Tyrion has had it rough. His father and siblings resented him for the death of their wife and mother, he got zero respect from people in the palace or outsiders and he constantly had to pay women to be with him. In walks Shae and we finally thought that Tyrion had found true love, until she stabbed him in the back. So we’re really hoping for a genuine woman for our favorite little person.

5. Grey Worm and Missandei hookup

Yes we know that he doesn’t have the anatomy to do the actual deed (maybe Melisandre can help out with that), but the two have been eyeing each other and subtly flirting for more than a few episodes now and we are loving it. We really want to see them take it a step further this season.

6. Jorah find a cure for greyscale

This one may actually be possible. There are numerous people who have been okay once they’ve contracted greyscale. If you don’t count becoming a Stone Man as being a survivor, Shireen, Stannis’s daughter, was miraculously cured. We’re hoping for the same for Jorah; his crush on Daenerys is really adorable, plus he’s a pro with a sword.

7. More dragons

How long does it take to make and hatch a dragon egg? Because we would LOVE it if the mother of dragons became the mother of even more dragons. If anything, we just love hearing Daenerys yell “DRACARYS”!




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