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Things We Want To See In Stranger Things Season 3

Season two of Stranger Things was better than we could have imagined, but the wait for season three looks like it’s going to be a long one. The upside down of this (see what I did?) is that we have plenty of time to think about what we want season three to be like. Here are a few things on our wish list.

1. Backstory for Billy

If season two had a weakness it was Billy. His homicidal behaviour felt like it belonged in a different show and he was never much more than an obstacle for Max and later Steve. Stranger Things is great at characterisation, so hopefully season threes give Billy some backstory to subvert the obvious Stephen King bully he is right now.

2. Poppa

Dr Brenner haunted the edges of season two after his possible demise at the end of season one. While the consequences of his actions ripple throughout the show, he could emerge from behind the curtain once more.

3. Deputy Steve

Steve Harrington is the breakout character of Stranger Things, and season two saw the one-time king of Hawkins looking for a new direction. With college seemingly on hold, which is cool if saving the world gets in the way, Steve could join up with Hopper as part of Hawkins law enforcement. His involvement in all the weird goings on, and his discretion, make him a perfect candidate. As long as nailed baseball bats become standard issue.

4. No More Love Triangle

Nancy and Jonathan had the most boring roles in season two, mainly because their getting together was so obvious from the beginning. They also broke may main man Steve’s heart, uncool, so it would be good if the show could just leave this plot alone.

5. Hopper and Joyce

Sorry Bob, but you never stood a chance against the Chief, even of you did survive. As parents of kids with superpower, Joyce and Hopper have a lot more in common than raw sexual magnetism. Don’t say you can’t feel it between them.

6. What’s with Will?

After a really rough year, in which he was kidnaped and impregnated by a monster, and possessed by an even bigger monster. Will’s had enough grief. Except there must be a bigger reason why these things have happened to Will. Could he have abilities like Eleven’s? One thing is for sure, he’s never going to be ordinary again.

7. The Return of 8

The Lost Sister isn’t the most adored episode of the show, but it’s full of interesting details that expand the show’s world outside of Hawkins. Hopefully this will be explored at greater length in season three with the return of Kali, minus her crew of course.

8. Eleven in Real Life

Season two was all about Eleven finding a home, and by the end she recovered her name: Jane, reunited with Mike, and gained a proper father in Hopper. What will real life be like for Eleven? Or will Poppa turn up to destroy it?




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