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The Wait Is Finally Over As Hanna-2 Is All Set To Hit The Screens Shortly

The Wait Is Finally Over As Hanna-2 Is All Set To Hit The Screens Shortly

One of the most anticipated shows of the Amazon will be hitting on your streaming screen this July, yes you heard that right. It’s been officially confirmed that Hanna will be launching its second season & fans can’t keep calm anymore.

The much-awaited trailer, launched on 29th April 2020, gives a glimpse of new cast member Dermot Mulroney as he watches CCTV footage of a newly blonde Hanna. Not divulging much about the plot, the teaser is just enough to tickle the minds.

Hanna Season 1 Recap

The first series follows the struggle for survival of a young girl named Hanna in the unfavorable conditions of a Romanian forest.

Raised & trained by her father in the woods, Erick has done everything in his power to keep her safe from the CIA operative Marissa Wiegler and her child super-soldier program, known as the “Utrax”.

As the story continues, Erik’s identity as an agent is revealed who also happened to be the main recruiter of the program. That’s exactly how he met Hanna’s mother while she was on the verge of dying while protecting her beloved child-Hanna. Ever since then, Erik hid Hanna away from the CIA & raised her to be a strong girl.

As Marissa continues with her mission- “Utrax Regenesis”, of creating an army of genetically weaponized girls, Hanna eventually learns about the program, & comes across a bunch of young girls, with similar abilities of Hanna, who she regards to as “sisters”.

Season 1 ended with Erik in a deadly condition, once again, leaving Hanna with no choice but to run far away from the agents who seek her destruction.

Season 1’s finale ended with a plot of a lone teenager with special abilities to keep herself safe from the operatives, left to be unraveled.

Season-2 things we know so far

An action-thriller speculated to release this year on the 3rd of July is promises an intriguing plot. With Hanna 2, the producers are all set to expand Hanna’s story in a broader spectrum.

This season will reload from the end of season 1 from where Hanna learns about a dozen other girls who have similar abilities like her. The super-soldiers who she refers to as “sisters”.

However, when the girls rejected Hanna’s attempt to “save” them & voluntarily joined the U.S military, season 1, was left without any conflict. Leading to a high possibility of a forthcoming dispute between Hanna & her “sisters”.

With Erik dyeing in season 1, Hanna is compelled to save herself on her own that will eventually grow her character into a much stronger personality.

Continuing to be on the target of the CIA, Hanna returns to the forest with Clara at the end of season 1 but it’s just a matter of time when Hanna will be seen all in action in season 2.

It is also a possibility that Sophie returns with her family to support Hanna’s education. Keeping Marrissa alive at the end of season 1 also promises to be full of twists & turns.

As of now, we are all excited to see what season 2 has to offer us. We are certain that the fans are extremely delighted by the news & it’s difficult for them to wait any longer to see how the story unravels, but we promise you, it’s just a few days away.

So till then, stay safe & keep following us for more updates on your favorite shows.





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