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The Titans fights back harder with Season 2

The Titans Fight Back Harder With Season 2

Titans Season 2 hits back on the screen with a larger reformation of the Titans on the 10 of Jan 2020, worldwide on Netflix. Standing tall amongst the growing pile of superhero flicks, ‘Titans’ thrived as the most popular superhero team since its origination.



An American TV show based on the comics team ‘Teen Titans’ focuses its second season on the reformation of the team lead by Dick with Rachel, Gar & Jason by his side.





Season 2 returns with Trigon, at full liberty, pushing Robin more towards the darkness & messing with his head leading him to completely give in to his inner demons thus making Robin a very powerful minion to Trigon.

After the hopeless encounter with Trigon, Dick is all tied- up at work training with Rachel, Gar & Jason in Titans Tower. But no sooner, the harmony is disrupted by mysterious from the old threats of the past. Leading to the reemergence of Dr. Light & the old Titans, to fight back their enemy.

On one hand, Dick’s decision of accepting Rose Wilson was questioned by the old Titans & on the other, the new ones were wondering about unvoiced truth which made the entire group fall apart. Fighting all the odds, the Titans give it all in their power to save Jason’s life. But the dilemma of turning in Rose to Deathstroke is what tears them from within. The series also witnesses Conner, escaping from the Cadmus Labs & emerging in the free world where he meets with Lionel Luthor, Lex Luthor’s father, & Eve Watson-Dr. at the Cadmus facility.

Conner confronts Eve, & learns that she is the one who made him from the DNA of Superman and Lex Luthor.Taking him to the original Cadmus facility, Eve tries to help Conner to understand his true identity & powers that he now perceived & also warns him to not put himself through any danger. Unwillingly, Conner couldn’t doge the danger that almost caused him to lose his life.

With too much happening with so many superheroes, the series reaches a breaking point where, Dick finally reveals the truth about Deathstroke’s clash with the Titans, leaving the world of ‘Titans’ rocked to the core.

Shocked by the truth, the heroes abandon the Titan Tower & takes along separate courses in life. The series changes its course when Deathstroke strikes back to diminish the Titans once & for all. Bringing back the “Titans’ to reunite & fight back to save their teammates. Leaving Dick to take control of the team, who now seems to have enfolded as Nightwing.



With so many superheroes having the share of their own secrets intertwined with one another leading to the circumstances they are in. Season 2 is nothing but a bag full of surprises that’s ready to take us on a roller coaster ride.



This season will witness Joshua Orpin, who plays SUPERBOY. 


Iain Glen is all set to play the Batman


Esai Morales would be seen playing the character of DEATHSTROKE.


Well, enough of the revelation there, now if you got to know more, go watch the series for yourself!






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