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The Lovebirds

The Lovebirds, An Unfortunate Netflix Originals

If you are a hardcore Netflix lover then one thing you must have heard about is their latest released film- “The Lovebirds” which is lately grabbing attention for both good & bad reasons.

The lovebirds - a netflix romcom safe to miss

THE LOVEBIRDS is a feature film that addresses the human relationship & emotions in the course of a night. An American romantic comedy, set against the old Romanesque city of Lisbon, was directed by Michael Showalter from a screenplay by Aaron Abrams and Brendan Gall, and a story by Abrams, Gall, and Martin Gero. Initially scheduled to be a theatrical release on April 3, 2020, the film was delayed due to the pandemic & its rights were then sold to Netflix, which released the film digitally on May 22, 2020.

The Cast:

  • Kumail Nanjiani as Jibran
  • Issa Rae as Leilani Brooks
  • Anna Camp as Edie
  • Paul Sparks as Mustache
  • Kyle Bornheimer as Brett
  • Andrene Ward-Hammond as Detective Martin
  • Kelly Murtagh as Evonne
  • Moses Storm as Steve
  • Mahdi Cocci as Keith
  • Nicholas X. Parsons as Tom (Bicycle)
  • Barry Rothbart as Mr. Hipster
  • Catherine Cohen as Mrs. Hipster

The Trailer:

The launch of the movie’s trailer created a lot of hype & anticipation amongst the viewers but within no time the people realized that the “trailer” was the only good thing that could have happened in the entire movie.

The Plot:

The story follows a couple who are on the verge of breaking up right before running into a crime. The lead played by Kumail Nanjiani as Jibran

& Issa Rae as Leilani Brooks tries hard to make it look convincing but eventually fails to create an impression amongst the viewers. For example one of the first scenes of the leads as a couple in their apartment is great. It’s quite relatable as to how couples are and how they argue about trivial things and they make it funny. But the film decelerates by the jokes that don’t land and poor comic timing.

The film follows a clichéd script involving the leads accidentally being framed for murder & how they try to clear their names off the crime they haven’t committed.

The lovebirds - A netflix romcom that's safe to miss

The leads; Kumail Nanjaini has some great jokes & Issa Rae has some clever lines but the humor contained in the movie is nothing but dull & boring. The movie turns out to be a little frustrating at times by the decisions of the lead characters & their irrational behavior.

Another problem with the film is that it was supposed to be about a couple trying to recreate the magic in their relationship while dealing with extraordinary circumstances, fails hard to convince people that there was any “magic” that even existed.

Our Take:

We think that the movie was counting on the talent of the leads to make it worth a watch & despite trying hard to like it, it turned out to be a bad and forgettable romantic comedy film. Although the leads at times shine as individual performers but make the “romance” between them laughably unbelievable. The movie could have been a hit with a sensible plot but remains a miss as of now.





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