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The Best Teen Dramas On Netfilx That You Should Not Miss Out In 2020

The Best Teen Drama’s On Netfilx That You Should Not Miss Out In 2020

The popularity of teenage drama doesn’t go by the age of its viewers. As long as you are all set to plunge yourself in high school teen dramas, it doesn’t matter whether you are still a teenager or a full-grown person.

The most exceptional thing about teen dramas is that they deal with the issues that everyone wants to talk about, giving it just the right amount of attention to creating anticipation amongst the viewers.

Another great thing about teen dramas is that they are set to be highly dramatic still managing to look super cool all at once.

They brilliantly tackle social issues like mental health, addiction, sexuality, poor decision making leading us to believe that it’s all just a part of growing up.

Teenage dramas are for every mood to fix & every soul to relate with & since we don’t plan of growing out of teen dramas any time soon, we bring you the best of teen dramas on Netflix that you cannot give a miss.

1. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a refreshing break from the main-stream teen drama. An extremely lovable show that centers around Devi, an Indian- American kid who trying to cope with her father’s death & determines to make her father proud.

But that’s not all, she craves to have the hottest guy in school as her boyfriend, she desperately wants to destroy her academic rival, she wishes to achieve a higher social status & to be appreciated but above all, she definitely wants fewer armpit hairs!

Watch the series for its sweet n sassy teen comic drama that is also much about a grieving family trying to come together.

2. Gossip Girl

The show that made “headbands” the “go-to” fashion accessory for high-schoolers in no time.

A teen drama that focuses on a group of privileged kids going to a prestigious Upper East Side high school in Manhattan unaware of the faceless blogger who is watching their every move.

Watch it for its star-studded cast featuring Blake Lively and “You” star Penn Badgley & its amusing one-liners that gives you enough reason to keep you hooked.

3. All American

One of the most prominent teen shows that has an empathetic approach towards the realities of modern American teen life.

All American is a fictional depiction influenced by a true story that follows Spencer James, a high school football player from South Los Angeles who is recruited to represent the elite team of Beverly Hills High School.

Watch it for the exceptional performances by Taye Diggs and Daniel Ezra.

4. Sex Education

A raunchy & delightful watch, Sex Education is the perfect blend of realism & fiction set to amuse both the teen & the adult audiences.

A teen comic drama that sends out a stronger & clearer message about realizing the sexual desires sharing knowledge through a playful depiction of the series.

Watch out for Asa Butterfield as he engages in the role of Otis, the son of a sex therapist who runs a business of providing sex advice in high school, pretty much stealing the limelight of the show.

5. Elite

An international Netflix original that follows the lives of a bunch of elite school kids whose ambitions & jealousy lead them to murder one of their own.

Watch the series as it concentrates on teenage issues such as the hardships of being brought up in an extremely conservative family, drug addiction, and relationship issues.

Elite is an absolute binge-worthy show that measures how far can someone go to achieve one’s desires, how long can they hold onto a secret,& how long can they survive to fight back.





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