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THE 100 SEASON 7 Rises Above All With A Higher Purpose Of Survival

The 100 Season 7 Rises Above All With A Higher Purpose Of Survival

The 100 has always been the talk of the town since the very day of its release. A post-apocalyptic American television drama series, The 100 is a fictional adaption of the titular novel series by Kass Morgan.

A powerful fictional depiction that follows the people who are raised in a space station orbiting the Earth known as the Ark after a shattering event of nuclear apocalypse that wiped out almost all the life from the face of the Earth.

A brief look at the story so far:

The 1st Season

The series has undergone a massive transformation, from being a show about 100 young prisoners sent down on Earth to observe whether it is still habitable as the Ark was carrying a population beyond its capacity.

In their attempt to learn about the conditions of the Earth, they discover numerous life on Earth to have survived the apocalypse.

They learned about the Mountain Men, who live in Mount Weather, a group of grounders who have been turned into cannibals by the Mountain Men & another group of grounders, who were living in clans to survive the apocalypse.

Battling the hostile grounders & somehow surviving the harsh conditions of the Earth, the detainees managed to make it through & establish a communication with the Ark.

The 2nd Season

Things don’t seem to have ended well in the prior season as only 48 make it out alive amongst the 100 that came down to Earth & continued their struggle for survival.

The season follows the detainees being captivated by the Mountain Men who are transfusing blood from the detainees to survive the Earth’s radiation.

Things start getting ugly when they discover that the bone marrow of the prisoner will help the Mountain Men to survive outside the containment area.

The season sees a horrible end of the Mountain Men as they are struck back by the inhabitants of the Ark to save the young detainees.

The 3rd Season

The series follows a turn of events when Pike, (an ex-teacher & mentor of the Ark) gets elected to take charge over Arkadia & plans of attacking the grounders.

The relationship between the inhabitants of the Ark & the grounders deteriorates when Pike orders the execution of grounder warriors while they are asleep.

The season ends with the destruction of the artificial intelligence A.L.I.E. that was planning to launch another nuclear apocalypse to solve the problem of overpopulation.

The 4th Season

The fourth season bounced back with a reality check. Resulting in the neglect, hundreds of nuclear reactors are melting down across the world & it is only a matter of time that the planet will soon become uninhabitable.

In the process of determining a way of surviving this radiation, Clarke & the others learn that the Nightbloods are the only ones who are capable of metabolizing the radiation.

They discover an old bunker that can protect almost 1200 people from the new apocalypse for more than 5 years & each of the 12 clans select a hundred of people to take shelter in the bunkers.

The remaining decide to go back to the Ark, leaving Clarke (who is now a Nightblood) to survive alone on the Earth.

The 5th Season

Season 5 catches up six years after the nuclear meltdown.

A transport ship arrives on the Earth where Clarke & Madi have been living after surviving the wave of radiation that wiped off the planet.

The survivors of the Ark & the bunkers safely return to the ground finding themselves at war between the prisoners and Wonkru fighting over the Shallow Valley.

The season ends with a battle that destroys the entire valley leaving the survivors with no choice but to escape into space.

The 6th Season

This season sees Clarke, Bellamy, and the others waking up from 125 years of cryosleep & finding themselves orbiting around a new planet.

They discover a whole new society breathing in the face of the new planet who is led by ruling families known as the Primes.

Coping with the dangers of this new world, they discover a rebel group, known as the Children of Gabriel.

The 7th Season

The 7th season picks up precisely from where the previous season ended. This season sees a magically grown Hope stabbing Octavia.

Meanwhile, Clarke & the others try to figure out a way so that they can cooperate & live peacefully.

Bearing the repercussions of the previous season, season 7 tries to fill the gaps that were left unanswered & connect the dots so that everything finally starts making sense.

The seventh seven rises above all by putting the entire humankind at a questionable position & answer whether or not we can rise above violence? How long we will keep fighting & killing to survive ourselves? Will it always be the survival of the fittest? Or whether we can thrive back as a kind that can survive in peace!





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