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Stream Into Netflix For 5 Most Hilarious Stand-Up Comedy Specials Of 2020

Stream Into Netflix For 5 Most Hilarious Stand-Up Comedy Specials Of 2020

What can be more exciting than a bunch of hilarious stand-up comedy shows that can lighten up our sad & gloomy days of lockdown?


 Stand-up comedies in the United States date back to the early 19th century when the monologists used to perform comic monologues from within the minstrel shows as an American form of entertainment.


Stand-up comedy holds a much deeper meaning to the comic artists. It gives them an essential platform to speak their hearts out. 


The past few years have seen a massive expansion of the standup comedy shows with a growing number of people happily accepting the #nofilter attitude of the artists. Thus, helping them dare to bring about a change in the world & take the profession as a serious business.


This brings us back to the world of Netflix, as we present you with the 5 best comedy shows that have a full barrel of laughter awaiting to immerse ourselves in!


1. Bo Burnham’s, Make Happy


Presented by comedy whizz Bo Burnham who takes a gritty look at the entertainment industry with Make Happy.


 The show is designed with specific choreographed performances combining comedy with music & infuses pre-recorded music, stage lighting effects, and sound effects in his act.


The show has garnered positive criticism across the globe for Burnham’s clever jokes on rap artists, country bros & even his stage persona.


2. Hannah Gadsby’s,  Nanette


A must-watch stand-up special, by one of the most celebrated Australian comedy star Hannah Gadsby. She has broken the barrier of the comedy shows by grinding the nuances of comedy with the realities of life.


Nanette is a show by a queer woman who astonishes us with her comic take on her childhood, her praise for Monica Lewinsky, her commentary on why sexuality and comedy go hand-in-hand, etc.


3. Dave Chappelle’s, The Age of Spin


The show marks a remarkable journey of Dave Chappelle, who debuted with four stand-up specials on Netflix’s streaming platform.


Chapelle’s four comedy offerings go by the name of Equanimity, The Bird Revelation, Deep in the Heart of Texas, and The Age of Spin, the latter being the most prominent of all.


4. Wanda Sykes’s, Not Normal


A comedy special from the house of a very special woman Wanda Sykes, whose act was long overdue. She loves delivering her acts with a touch of mystery, making it even more exciting to watch.


Her ability to crack jokes on aging and body image, complaining about relationships, tackling Trump issues & more with her natural pessimism giving out a clear message that things aren’t normal, makes the show truly worthy of it all.


5. Jim Jefferies’s, Bare


A wonderful show from an Australian comedian, Jim Jefferies whose popularity credits go to Bare, which premiered on Netflix in 2014.


He boldly speaks of guns and gun control in the United States, and how his home country responded differently to an infamous mass shooting in 1996.


He takes a sharp dig at socio-political issues approaching it with sharp comic timing. Staying true to the title of the show, he also focuses on fatherhood or even granting a wish of an old friend that makes the whole show a magnificent watch.





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