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Sort your weekend with new movie releases on HULU

Sort Your Weekends With These New Movie Releases On HULU

Look no further as we bring you a fresh new movie list to keep you glued to your screens this weekend. Hulu- a streaming service known for its outstanding TV show options, is also a great platform to watch brilliant movies. From offering a brand new season of previous hit or original series, Hulu has it all stored for its viewers. Hulu keeps refreshing its streaming library time & again so that it has a lot more fresh entertainment to offer to its viewers.

Latest movies on HULU’s library:

1. The Painter & The Theif

Premiered on 23 Jan 2020, “THE PAINTER & THE THIEF” is a documentary film directed by Benjamin Ree, is a tale of unexpected friendship. It’s a fictional tale with bizarre twists and turns, that keeps you on the edge while the story unfolds. The “Painter”-played by Barbora Kysilkova and the “Thief”- played by Karl-Bertil Nordland have done a remarkable job as individuals.

The story is about a struggling visual artist whose paintings have been stolen, has a chance to confront the thief & she does so in a strange, friendly approach of curiosity. Soon the two are meeting for tea and deep conversation. Benjamin Ree captures their tale in striking shots & unbridled conversations.

“The Painter and the Thief” works on so many levels, but it is the startling relationship that develops between artist and her newfound muse that is the heart of this fire. It’s an eye-opener about human interactions, the choices we make & our approach to life. “The Painter and the Thief” delve into the past of both the characters and dig out their painful experiences, trauma & decision making of the lives they are leading.

2. I still believe

Directed by Andrew Erwin, Jon Erwin, is a true-life story of a singer his wife Melissa who is detected with cancer & dies shortly after their wedding. Released on 11 March 2020, the film casts KJ APA, Britt Robertson, Shania Twain, Gary Sinise, Melissa Roxburgh, in pivotal roles with a strong supporting cast.

Inspired by the real-life story of JEREMY CAMP – the singer & songwriter of the titular hit, the film is a powerful reminder that amidst life’s storms, true hope is the only thing that keeps us going. The film narrates the message of hope and positivity, brilliantly threaded into a beautiful piece of art. Jeremy’s demonstration of love – putting another person above yourself makes you realize love is so precious, wonderful, and fragile.

“I Still Believe” is a true heartfelt romance movie with tears, pain, hurt, but most of all, faith! & is the perfect “Date Movie” for you and your loved one.

(P.S- We suggest you sit with a box of tissues as it will take you to a roller-coaster emotional ride!)

3. Premature

A 2019 American romantic drama film directed by Rashaad Ernesto Green starring Howard and Joshua Boone, was initially premiered at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival on January 26, 2019, where it received positive critical response & hence was set to be premiered in theaters and on streaming platforms on February 21, 2020.

It relates the story of a seventeen-year-old Ayanna who happens to meet a handsome and mysterious Isaiah in her path towards self-discovery. But never did she know that her entire world would be turned upside down as she experiences the dawn of young love in the summer before she leaves for college.

Premature is a thoughtful work that cuts right to the heart. It’s a meaningful tale of teenage love that has its depths & hidden complexities. A sensitive, honest & raw tale of teenage that you can’t give a miss.

Enjoy your weekend with these charming delights & we promise to be back with a fresh new list of movies on HULU.






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