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Six Things to Expect from Preacher Series 2

Contains spoilers for season one, and the comics

The first trailer for season two of the AMC hit show Preacher has just been released, so what better time to look at what the season might offer. Here are six things to expect from Preacher series two.

Road Trip

Road Trip

After Annville was unceremoniously blown up by a fart bomb, Jessie, Tulip, and Cassidy the vampire, are on the road trip looking for God. Series one was, as showrunner Sam Caitlin put it, a sort of prequel to Jessie’s real journey. This made sense as keeping the show in one location meant that costs would be lower, but since season one was a success, AMC are willing to spend some money. The comics were basically a road trip across America, landing in weird places, and meeting some strange people, so literally anything can happen now. There’s also the little problem of who’s pursuing them…

The Cowboy

The Cowboy Saint of Killers

The Cowboy, or the Saint of Killers as he’s known in the comics, has been tasked with hunting down Jessie and killing him. One of the highlights of season one was the brutal origin of the Cowboy, and now that he is in the present day, there’s all kind of mayhem coming. Last we seen of the Cowboy was him emerging, like a grizzled phantom, out of the mushroom cloud that used to be Annville, equipped with guns that can even kill angels. Jessie will be happy that he’s got a head start.

A better role for Tulip

Ruth Negga is excellent as Tulip, unfortunately the show hasn’t served her well so far. Despite an explosive entrance, Tulip was on the side-lines of the main story to often in season one, and with Ruth Negga, being recently nominated for an Oscar, the writers should do all in their power to keep her interested in the role.

More Cassidy please

More Cassidy

Cassidy, played by Joseph Gilgun, was the breakout character of series one, so let’s have more fun with this vampire Irishman. Series one saw Cassidy stranded in Annville after a falling out of a plane, after killing some vampire hunters, so with him back on the road, bets are on that these hunters will catch up with him again.

Iconic characters introduced

Herr Starr

Remember that rude bald man that met with Tulip’s contact in episode three? Well that’s Herr Starr, and he’s a big deal in the comic so expect him to appear in series 2. There’s also the matter of who killed Jessie’s father, and how they’re connected to the old woman briefly seen at the end of series one. If these characters appear in series two, expect Jessie’s life to become a lot more difficult.

Getting Eugene the hell out of hell


Eugene aka Arseface is the show’s moral compass. So it’s a pity that Jessie sent that moral compass to hell by accident. What’s exciting about this plot is that it doesn’t happen in the comics so the possibilities of how Eugene gets out, and what the experience has done to him, will be impossible to predict.




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