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Season Finales That Did Not Disappoint

1. Game of Thrones – season 6

Oh My God!! There were so many deaths and revelations, it is hard to know where to begin. The High Sparrow, Walder Fray, Tommen and three Tyrells were killed. Cersei proved that she is willing to do anything to stay in power. Arya got her revenge in the best way possible. We saw Daeneyrs sailing across the ocean with the Greyjoys, her army and her dragons. We realized that House Tyrell would not be able to continue and we learnt who Jon Snow really was. Best Finale Ever.

2. Grey’s Anatomy – season 5  and season 8 finale

It was hard to choose between any of the Grey’s Anatomy finales so we’re going to give you a 2 for 1 special. In season 5’s finale, we found out that the man hit by the bus and who was barely hanging on, was George. At the same time,  Izzie flat-lined on a table.  In season 8’s finale we watched Lexie die and Mark finally admitting his true feelings for her. Someone should really sue Shonda for emotional distress.

3. Dexter – season 4

With so much being packed into one episode, we chose to focus on the most shocking parts. We watched Dexter kill Arthur, only to then go home to find Rita dead in the same manner  as the Trinity bathtub victims. What!?!?

4. Breaking Bad – season 4

Breaking Bad was known for leaving viewers speechless and although almost every season finale could have been on this list, we felt like this one was the best. We watched the tension build between Gus and Walt but we never anticipated this ending. In one of the best scenes in the history of the show, Gus and Hector got the deaths that they deserved.

5. House – season 4

The two-part season finales were one of the most emotional season finales in House’s eight seasons on air. Not only was it extremely difficult to diagnose Alison’s condition, it was even worse knowing that nothing could be done to save her. If that wasn’t bad enough, House suffered from a major seizure and a bleed in his brain.

6. Veronica Mars – season 2

Where do we begin with this one, it was almost too much. Beaver, really? He was the one who supposedly killed Veronica’s dad, he also raped Veronica and gave her a nasty STD. Later on, we found out that her Dad was alive, perfect way to end the season.

7. Scandal – season 3

This season finale takes the prize for craziest WTF moments. In true Shonda Rhimes fashion, the finale was packed with shocking moments. There was a paternity test, a murder, a break up, a new relationship and false accusations as to who committed the murder. I think we’ve covered it all.

8. Shameless – season 4

When Jimmy, no wait Jack, or is it Steve? Sorry, it’s hard to keep when one character has so many names. When he went missing, we all thought that he was either lost at sea or even dead, but in the season finale, he showed up in front of Fiona’s house. I’m pretty sure I wet my pants.

9. Sopranos – season 6

This season finale has often been called the most controversial of any series in the history of television. I’m not sure that I completely agree; the issue here is that the fate of the characters were left to the imagination of the viewers which didn’t give us any closure. It did however leave an opening for a remake of the show.

10. Friends – series finale

This episode was one of the most emotional finales of the decade. Not only was it a goodbye to the series, the 52 million viewers who tuned in to watch finally got some closure. We watched Ross and Rach get back together, Monica and Chandler adopt kid and the most heartbreaking scene, was when they left the keys in the empty apartment.




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