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The Saddest Moments of Futurama

Futurama is one of Matt Groening’s best animated TV shows (apart from the Simpsons, that is), and we’re all very grateful for those hours of fun he bestowed upon us. Anyhow, it was not all fun and games – Futurama is also filled with some heartbreaking moments. Let’s see what are the most tear-inducing episodes and moments of this amazing show:

Space Pilot – Fry is waking up

The whole concept of actually waking up and seeing that everything is changed is pretty staggering, so you can easily connect with Fry in the “Space Pilot” episode, at least on the subconscious level. Most people feel the thrill of starting a new show (since this is the “Pilot” episode), but it’s quite sad when you look back at it. This is definitely not the saddest moment, but it’s one of the deepest ones.

Parasites Lost – The fight with worms

Love is one of the favorite topics of animated TV shows, and Parasites Lost is the episode that portrays it in an odd fashion. Now, Fry fights the little worms located in his head (which further solves the enigma of him being in love with Leela), burning down the bridges to her along the way. If he chose to let them be, they would’ve helped him conquer Leela’s heart, which makes this moment pretty sad.

Fry misses the date with Leela

This one is a real heartbreak – When fry fell into the time machine made by Professor Farnsworth, he missed the date he had with Leela. Fry lapses through time, hurling through future, ultimately, missing the date. Leela found out and left him a note through rock formations stating “Dear Fry, our time together was short, but it was the best time of my life”. If the note didn’t do the job of bursting your tear shields, the look in Fry’s eyes when he saw the note did the trick. Even though this is pretty sweet, it’s devastating as hell.

Meanwhile – Fry & Leela through frozen time

This is the last episode of Futurama, making it pretty sad on its own. The time freezes, and Fry finally marries Leela. Everything appears out of order – people got stuck in place, the wind, the bugs, and the air itself stopped. At first sight, this isn’t so tragic, but the whole concept of Fry and Leela getting older – now, that’s something else. This is one of the sweetest and saddest moments in Futurama series.

Fry and Love Letters

This might not be one of the saddest moments, but it’s one of the most tragic ones with ease. Fry wrote a love letter to Leela in the skies, hoping he will earn her love in the meantime, but the crew of Planet Express erased all of it with a massive explosion (they actually intended to stop random time lapses). Most people sit down after watching this episode, deciding not to cry, and bursting into tears after a couple of seconds.




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