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Phil Is Back With Yet Another Crazy Season Of Somebody Feed Phil

Phil Is Back With Yet Another Crazy Season Of Somebody Feed Phil

Somebody Feed Phil is not just some random tv show that we watch for entertainment. It is a lot more than a simple food & travel show. Somebody Feed Phil is an emotion of its own. A show that not only serves the purpose of entertainment but also makes you enjoy every moment of life.

The writer & producer of the show Phil Rosenthal, himself is such a cheerful & joyful person, that you can easily feel his aura fill you from within, even after being on the other side of the screen

From drool-worthy food to beautiful locations, the show is unique in its approach. Phil as the host makes you fall in love with him.

In 2018, Phil Rosenthal presented his unique show on Netflix & there has been no turning back ever since.

Each episode takes us to a breathtaking new journey in which Phil explores various cuisines that the featured city has to offer.

Season 1

Somebody Feed Phil premiered its first season on 12th January 2018. In the 1st season, Phil explored various places such as Bangkok, Saigon, Tel Aviv, Lisbon, New Orleans, & Mexico City.

While traveling the world & exploring mouthwatering cuisines, he also meets new people while his journey & also learns about the history of various places. Adding his eccentric sense of humor, the show makes for a perfect fun watch.

Season 2

After having an astonishingly successful year with its first course, Somebody Feed Phil launched its second drop on the 6th of July 2018.

This season, he filmed cities such as Venice, Dublin, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Cape Town & New York City.

Having his friends by his side of the journey, season 2 was filled with some of the most amazing food experiences that will make you want to eat what he is eating. Phil’s wicked way of interacting with people & the human connection he makes alongside his journey is a thing to cherish.

Season 3

With a non-stop success of season 1 & season 2, Netflix announced the renewal of its 3rd season in 2019. Released on the 29th of May, 2020, the food-travel show is now streaming on Netflix.

Indulging himself into the Haute cuisine across the globe, Rosenthal is back with a brand new season where he will be taking us on across the cities of Marrakesh, Chicago, London, Seoul & Montreal.

Accompanied by his family & friends, the sixty-year-old chap is seen meeting an interesting bunch of people, discovering about the heritage & trying out various authentic dishes.

Focusing on each city’s culture, the show also captures the unmissable love for food that is extensively prominent on Phil’s face, making you fall for the travel documentary.


We can bet on the fact that no one loves food as much as this man does.

Phil is so naturally in love with all kinds of foods that you will never see him fake or pretend to like it.

Exploring it all, from the roadside street food to elite restaurants, his love for food remains unbiased. Having an eager soul like his & to explore the culture surrounding us is what keeps the show going.






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