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Peter Capaldi’s 10 Best Doctor Who Episodes

Peter Capaldi’s 10 Best Doctor Who Episodes

Doctor Who season ten will be premiering this month as it marks the last season with Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor. So before he gruffly vacates the TARDIS, lets countdown Peter Capaldi’s best Doctor Who episodes so far.

10. Day of the Doctor

The Day of the Doctor

Such was the excitement for the announcement that Peter Capaldi would be replacing Matt Smith as the Doctor, that even a quick shot of his eyes, and those eyebrows, was enough to have fans cheering at home, and in cinemas for this very brief appearance in the show’s 50th anniversary special.

9. Time Heist

Time Heist

How do you break in to the most well-guarded bank in the universe? Kidnap the Doctor and get him to do it for you. See, easy. Time Heist is one of the best early episodes for Capaldi as the bank heist plot allowed him to use some of the characters lighter shades, not to mention one of the show’s most unsettling monsters in the Teller

8. The Husbands of River Song

The Husbands of River Song

River Song had been missing since the Matt Smith episode “The Name of the Doctor”. That is until she made a welcome return in this Christmas adventure. The only problem was, River didn’t recognise this version of the Doctor. The Husbands of River Song is a lot more light-hearted, being a Christmas episode and all, but it was the chemisty between Capaldi and Alex Kingston as River that make this one memorable.

7. The Caretaker

The Caretaker

You’re always on to a winner when an episode places the Doctor amongst normal human lives for a certain period of time. That’s the case with The Caretaker, in which the Doctor poses as a, you guessed it, caretaker in order to hunt an alien killbot.

6. Last Christmas

Last Christmas

Peter Capaldi’s best Christmas episode is a heady remix of Alien and Inception, with a little Santa Claus dropped in for good measure. Last Christmas is an appropriately heartfelt episode as Clara comes to accept the lose of Danny Pink, but who cars there are face-huggers that dream you to death!

5. Under the Lake/After the Flood

Under the Lake

This season 10 story is the strongest two-parter of the lot, with a great central mystery, and some incredibly scary monsters. Under the Lake/After the Flood is a perfect way to bring new fans to the show with the first episode full of Capaldi theorising and trying to show emotion through cue cards, and the second part that finds a gloriously timey-wimey solution.

4. Into the Dalek

Into the Dalek

The perfect way to see what a new Doctor will be like is pitting him against the Dalek’s as soon as possible. Into the Dalek is yet another strikingly creative way to explore the eternal conflict between the Doctor and his greatest enemies. This time the Doctor and Clara, must shrink down and explore the inside of a Dalek to figure out why it doesn’t want to kill anyone. Deep Breath may be Capaldi’s first episode, but this was his Doctor’s real introduction.

3. Mummy on the Orient Express

Mummy on the Orient Expresse

“Mummy on the Orient Express” is the best kind of Doctor Who standalone episode. With an incredible mish-mash of ideas: the basic plot is that there is a mummy killing people on a trans-galactic train, so not that basic. While this plot is classic Who madness, the episode also explores the idea of one last trip between the Doctor an Clara. Except when the adventures are this good why would you ever want to leave?

2. Heaven Sent

Heaven Sent

Heaven Sent isn’t quite the best Peter Capaldi episode but its certainly his best performance in the role to date. Not surprising really since Heaven Sent is basically a one man show, with the Doctor imprisoned, and having to use his planet sized intellect to keep himself a step ahead of the monster pursuing him. It’s a tremendous episode that lives and dies on the talent of its superb lead, and is one of the Doctor Who episodes that only Peter Capaldi could do justice to.

1. Listen


Listen is one of the best Doctor Who episodes of all time thanks to its central premise of not having a monster. Despite the fact that all of the Danny Pink stuff the episode set up was dropped by the end of the season, Listen is the best episode featuring the 12th Doctor thanks to writer Steven Moffat’s willingness to experiment with the nature of the show.




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