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Netflixs New Zombie Flick REALITY Z Is It A Yay or Nay

Netflix’s New Zombie Flick, Reality Z, Is It A Yay or Nay?

Zombie movies have been terrifying the audiences from as early as the 1930s till the very day. Zombie flicks have carved its path to the genre of horror films & holds a very unique position for itself.

Zombies are more thrilling than terrifying. Even though people are aware that the walking-dead doesn’t exist in the real world, they still seem to take in a lot of interest to experience the excitement of the fear.

Fighting the odds against the zombies is often relieving to the minds as there is always hope for survival.

The movies are often intoxicating but if not served properly, it can be recipe for disaster.

Well, it seems that even the directors of Reality Z have a similar story to tell;

Netflix is all set to release Reality Z its first collaboration with Conspiracao, the multi-Emmy winning Brazilian production house on the 10th of June 2020.

The series is an adaption of the British horror miniseries Dead Set by Black Mirror created by Charlie Brooker.

The creators of Reality Z had a hard time creating the entire series as the Zombie genre is still very new to the Brazilian cinema & they had to overcome a lot of challenges before delivering it to a greater audience.

The series follows the story of TK, Augusto, Jessica, Marcos, Teresa, Madonna, and Cristina the producers & participants of a popular reality show, Olympus who are forced to remain locked up in the studio hit by a zombie apocalypse that takes over the city of Rio de Janeiro.

The series takes over as it glides over the incredible mountains of the Rio de Janeiro slowly focusing on the city. We see a woman lying to her son about watching a reality series called Olympus.

Eventually, as she starts watching the series, we start discovering that the show is about a group of strangers who are living together in a house like a studio & has to overcome a few challenges to come out as the winner of the show.

The episode is scheduled for a big elimination outside the “house” & as they begin to gather outside, they are horrified by the unexpected turn of events that takes place.

A car that was meant to carry the surprise guest for the show, arrives with an undead person who turns to attack the driver.

The producer & the guests rush towards the studio to save the driver from the attack but he dies & awakens as a zombie.

Soon the entire show turns into havoc by the attack of the zombies & the dead become the undead. It is no safer outside except for the people who are in the house.

The show intensifies as the participants try to fight against the undead & save themselves from the massacre. Brandão manages to escape the initial wave by hiding behind a human shield.

Nina stabs an undead Lucas with a pair of scissors to escape herself, still figuring out how to survive the other Zombies. Luckily, Jessica, the recently eliminated housemate also manages to survive.

The remaining participants gain consciousness, the following morning unaware of how the show has been turned into a bloodbath & now there is no one left to look after them.

Our Take: 

As the reality show gets hit by a zombie apocalypse, there are way too many deaths following in quickly giving a much lesser screen time for each character to build in a place for themselves amongst the audience.

With so many threads remaining unexplored, we can barely figure out what’s going on, thus losing the grip from the series.

With Netflix flooding in its library with so many other movies & series that makes for a brilliant watch, you can easily turn this one down.





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