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Movies That Should Be Turned Into TV Shows In 2018

There are some movies that we just can’t seem to get enough of, so much so that we wished they were television shows. We’ve scoured the internet and have come up with the top seven movies that should frequent our screen on Thursday nights. Let’s take a look at the movies we think should be turned into television shows next year.

1. The Harry Potter series

Yes it’s a book series that has been turned into a successful movie franchise , but people are wondering what happened after Harry beat Voldemort. And as the Cursed child has shown us, there is much life left in the series still. The TV show could pick up right after the death of the Dark Lord, and show how Harry transitioned into becoming the Head of the Auror Department.

2. The Pirate of the Caribbean series

Can’t you just imagine seeing Jack Sparrow every week? This man is so crazy that his antics will never get boring. And isn’t that the goal of television? Jack’s adventures are never-ending and he has the fan base to sustain such a move to the weekly screens.

3. Inception

Cost aside, a TV show based on inception could go anywhere. Raiding people’s dream? The possibilities are endless. And who wouldn’t want to see Leo DiCaprio on their screen every week? If the expense of producing such a show is too much, we could settle for an animated series, voiced by Leonardo of course.

4. Men in Black

With such a diverse array of aliens in the world of Men in Black, ideas and plot twists are something the producers will never be short of. Plus, which human doesn’t like to see a bad alien get what’s been coming to him and his pesky friends?

5. The Goonies

Talk of making another Goonies movie has been rampant for 30 years now, with nothing to show for it. Many people would say that the movie is one of the best of all time, so why not continue the adventure with a young cast, with the show set in the same time period where the boys left off.

6. Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim has another movie coming out soon, Pacific Rim Uprising, set to be released in March of 2018. What isn’t feasible is for there to be a live-action television show; it would be way too expensive, but an animated version of the show could be pretty badass, especially if they don’t make it too kid-like. It’ll have aliens, robots and destruction- everything a good cartoon needs in 2018.

7. Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was an award-winning book, which turned into an award-winning movie starring Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig. It would make for great television for many reasons. For one, it’s edgy and there aren’t quite any shows like it right now. Two, Lisbeth is a badass female who can do just as much as a superhero, minus the super powers. Three, the movie was electric- the author and director weren’t afraid to go to the taboo places that many shows stay away from. Someone needs to call HBO, pronto.




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