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Meet The Cast Of RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars Season 3

So, the date for RuPauls Drag Race Season three has been RuVealed- January 25th on VH1- and we are all gagging with anxiety to see what our favorite queens bring. For those of us who weren’t aware, the new cast members include some queens dating as far back as season 2 and some newer ones who just recently appeared on the latest season of Drag Race. If you don’t know who they are, keep reading.

1. Morgan McMichaels from Season 2

Morgan is Drag Race royalty! She is everything a drag queen should be: beautiful and talented. She has a rock n’ roll edge that not many queens today possess and her don’t care attitude is exactly what we expect from a rebel like her.

2. Shangela from Season’s 2 & 3

Shangela is the drag queen that just keeps on coming. She was on season’s 2 and 3 and is now back for All Stars. Not everybody likes Shangela, but we’re curious to see the growth that she has made, both with her personality and with her drag.

3. Ben Delacreme from Season 6

Ben is one of the nicest queens to ever be on Drag Race, especially because she’s a comedy queen. She made it to fifth on her season and went on the win Miss Congeniality. We hope she brings a bit more attitude, but the same amount of funny as season 6.

4. Milk from Season 6

Milk does a body good right? Well this model is known for her unconventional looks and quotes. She didn’t get very far on her season (9th), so we’re quite surprised that she’s an all-star, but maybe RuPaul saw something in her that we didn’t.

5. Trixie Mattel from Season 7

Trixie was an underdog, but she has had an incredibly successful career since being on Drag Race. She now has a show with her fellow competitorand Dra Race favorite Katya, and she released a folk album that went number one on iTunes.

6. Kennedy Davenport from Season 7

Kennedy is a pageant dancing queen who can pad for the gods! She is best known for snatching our edges on her season of the Snatch Game- playing an epic Little Richard, who had RuPaul dying with laughter. Don’t let her size fool you, she can run, jump and do the split in her heels.

7. Thorgy Thor from Season 8

Thorgy Thor is one of the wackiest and most energetic queens we’ve ever seen on the show. And while we love her attitude, we did not like that she constantly hated on her season’s winner- Bob the Drag Queen. But we are excited to see this talented queen again.

8. Chi ChiDevayne from Season 8

This banjee-bayou babe is best known for her cheap drag, but she is also very much feared when it comes to her dancing and lip-syncing abilities. Despite her circumstances, she was one of the nicest queens and we regret that she left so early (top four).

9. Aja from Season 9

Aja is a young queen just fresh from season 9 of Drag Race. She has a huge social media following, but was heavily criticized for her makeup and attitude on the show. We were just starting to like her when she was eliminated, so we’re excited to see what she brings as an all-star.




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