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List Of The 5 Most Interesting K-Dramas To Binge Watch On Netflix

List Of The 5 Most Interesting K-Dramas To Binge Watch On Netflix

Korean dramas have taken the world by storm emerging from absolutely nowhere to becoming a smashing it just after landing!

K-dramas have made the world known of its presence, all thanks to the Gen Z for accepting it with open arms.

All you need now is to drop the name of only one K-drama to get Gen Z to go crazy!

The popularity of Korean dramas has seen remarkable growth due to the widespread of the “Korean wave” via streaming services as they offer subtitles in multiple languages.

And that is not all, K-dramas have attracted attention to their fashion, style, and culture all over the world leading to a great boost in the fashion industry.

The addictive drama, the extremely fashionable attires, the highly admirable culture & the stunning sceneries of the country & the attractive star cast are too tempting to resist.

You seem to become addicted to K-dramas without even realizing it. K-dramas are like the drug that you take once & keep craving for more.

So, laugh, cry, drool, scream, do whatever you feel like with these crazy, romantic, intense perfectly binge-able K-dramas that Netflix has in store for you.

1. Crash Landing on You 

Yoon Se-Ri, a successful entrepreneur from South Korea finds herself crash-land & stuck in a tree above North Korean officer Ri Jeong-Hyeok being hit by a tornado while she was paragliding. The plot progresses into a potential cross-border relationship.

2. Itaewon Class

Based on the webtoon of the same name, Itaewon Class follows Park Sae-Ro-Yi who is traumatized by the accidental death of his father & sets out on a mission to bring down the Jangga Group, a powerful food union. A powerful series that deeply explores.

3. Kingdom

An intensifying tale about the power struggle for the throne between the kingdoms, infused with zombie thriller set against the backdrop of a historical drama that digs deeper raising questions on human hunger for power.

4. Hi Bye, Mama! 

A fascinating tale with a realistic portrayal of grief and loss teasing the audience with the subject of reincarnation. Hi Bye, Mama! Follows Cha Yu-Ri who has been living as a ghost after been killed by an accident five years ago is reborn as human & tries to get back with her family.

5. When the Camellia Blooms

The light-hearted & strange rom-com Camellia Blooms follows Dong-Baek, who runs a bar-restaurant called Camellia at a fictional town of Ongsan.

The plot takes an interesting turn when a police officer Hwang Yong-Sik falls for Baek, who is the topic of gossip among the women of the town for being a single mother & running a bar to make her living.





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