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If You Have A Thing For Adult Animations, Netflix Is The Best Place To Be

If You Have A Thing For Adult Animations, Netflix Is The Best Place To Be!

Who said cartoons are for kids? We have indeed grown up watching cartoons & it is certainly the most popular entertainment for children.

But animations do not limit itself to the young audience, there are numerous movies & series which cater to the grown-ups.

Adult animations cover specifics ranging from dark comedies to family issues, science fiction to sex & violence & these cartoons are certainly not kids friendly.

Adult animation is a genre that wasn’t well nurtured & was limited to very few networks & channels but recently with Netflix taking charge, adult animations are now running into success like never before!

Keep reading to know more about the impressive adult animations that Netflix has onboard:

 1. Archer

If you are all into adult animations, Archer is one of the most fascinating options available on Netflix. Archer follows the story of a woman named Malory Archer, who is the leader of a flawed intelligence agency.

Her son, Sterling Archer who is a shameless drunkard & a womanizer is the best agent the agency has got. The agency runs with a bunch of crazy characters, a lunatic receptionist, a raunchy HR & a dominating accountant. Even though they ruin all the missions with perfection, the show keeps you glued to your screens.

2. Love, Death + Robots

Love, Death + Robots is a collection of science-fiction series which narrates a different story in each episode from a different director.

Comprising of varied contents, the series can make you shudder or make you feel cheerful all at the same time.

An American adult animated television series produced by Tim Miller, Joshua Donen, David Fincher, and Jennifer Miller, it offers animations by different crews from a range of countries.

Love, Death + Robots makes for a great watch with a different story to offer for all kinds of sci-fi lovers.

3. F Is For Family

A simple & fun story about a service veteran named Frank Miller, who is merely just trying to keep his family together & his troublesome kids away from killing each other.

Created by Bill Burr, F Is for Family is an adult animated comedy, set in the 1970’s America, the series is about a flawed family who is struggling to cope in a different atmosphere.

There are only a few shows which portray an uncomfortable image of the protagonist. This show makes you cringe about how Frank makes his family suffer at times, but it also makes you feel the love above everything else.

4. Big Mouth

A great show that narrates the journey of three teenagers in their adolescence & their experiences of growing up. The series has done a witty graphic representation that deals with the vulnerabilities of puberty.

Created by comedian Nick Kroll, Big Mouth is an original Netflix series that focuses on the awkwardness of growing up.

Filled with raunchy humor intended towards causing embarrassment, Big Mouth is full of colorful characters built to tease the viewer about their personal experiences.

5. BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman takes a modern outlook towards the struggles of finding one’s true identity.

The series is following a fictional tale of animals overpowering the humans, in which BoJack a former sitcom star who is now dealing with living life after the downfall of his career.

A dark comedy dealing with social issues such as substance abuse, sexism, depression, and racism that comes as an eye-opener





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