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HULUs Refreshing List Of Releases For June 2020

HULU’s Refreshing List Of Releases For June 2020

The month of June is here & like every other streaming platform, this is another crucial month for HULU.

Especially now that more people are staying indoor & indulging their time streaming online due to the lockdown, the streaming platforms need to present them with as much as entertainment possible.

HULU has already planned the scheduled releases for June & promises to flood its library with full-on entertainment.

To ease your pain & save your time to decide what to watch, we bring you an assorted list of movies releasing on the 1st week of June 2020 available only on HULU.

1. Above & Beyond

Above& Beyond

A 2014 film, Above & Beyond is a captivating documentary that narrates the incredible escape of the sole survivor of the “Damn Yankee,” a B-17, which shot down over Belgium during World War II.

2. Almost Adults

Almost Adults

Released in 2016, Almost Adults is a simple story about two lifelong best friends who are having a hard time to keep their strong bond of friendship from falling apart while dealing with the issues of growing up.

3. Born To Be Wild

Born To Be Wild

A heartfelt adventure documentary released in 2011, Born To Be Wild is a beautiful story about orphaned orangutans and elephants who were rescued & raised by a group of amazing people.

4. Cliffhanger


A 1993 American action thriller, starring the one & only Sylvester Stallone. The film follows the story of Gabe, who gets caught up in a mid-air heist through the Rocky Mountains.

5. Dave


The film is a romantic comedy about Dave who finds himself stuck in the role of the President of the U.S, having an uncanny resemblance to him.

6. Constantine


An action fantasy horror, Constantine is about John Constantine, a supernatural exorcist, and demonologist who tries to convince a policewoman that her sister’s death was something more than just a suicide.

7. Fair Game

Fair Game

A biographic film released in 2010, Fair Game is based on a CIA operative Valerie Plame who discovers that her identity is being allegedly leaked in the media by the White House officials as a revenge against her husband who denounced the Bush administration.

8. Trade


Trade is an American-German drama film directed by Marco Kreuzpaintner based on Peter Landesman’s article “The Girls Next Door” about sex slaves.

The film reveals the kidnapping of a Mexican girl named Adriana by Russian sex traffickers.

9. Up in the Air

Up in the Air

Based on the novel by Walter Kirn, Up in the Air centers around Ryan Bingham, who enjoys firing people & leading his life on the go, is now ready to make a meaningful connection leaving the materialistic possessions far behind.

10. You Don’t Mess With The Zohan

You Dont Mess With The Zohan

An American comedy film that revolves around an Israeli Army Commander who disguises his identity to pursue his long lost dream of becoming a hair-stylist.

11. A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

A biographical drama released in 2019, the film depicts a real-life friendship between Lloyd Vogel a journalist who is assigned to interview a television icon, Fred Rogers.

12. Intrigo: Dear Agnes

Intrigo - Dear Agnes

A German-Swedish-American mystery crime drama directed by Daniel Alfredson, based on a series of novels by Håkan Nesser. The film discloses why an unlikely woman like Agnes would accept the proposal of murdering the husband of her friend.





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