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Hulu HILLARY is all about recognizing the real Hillary Clinton

Hulu’s Hillary Is All About Recognizing The Real Hillary Clinton

Nanette Burstein knew from the very beginning that whatever she is going to do, no matter how she is going to do, she will always be criticized.

She knew that making a documentary about outlining America’s most prominent personality is going to be nothing less than a challenge itself. But only a few like Burstein can light a candle than cursing the dark.

Hulu’s latest docuseries Hillary doesn’t aim at changing the hearts & the minds of the public but it rather aims high to enlighten the people about the women behind an estranging persona.


Hillary Clinton, one of the most prominent political figures in America. She is undoubtedly the most documented, photographed & most gossiped about personalities that we have ever come across.

With her life always under vigorous scrutiny, that it seems almost impossible to evaluate her reality.

The four-hour docuseries on Hulu takes a clear & calm approach towards the life & career of Hillary ClintonHillary readdresses the past scandals & uncovers her estranging persona with honest access to Hillary & the people who she confided in the most.

Nanette Burstein presented her bio-documentary at the Sundance Film Festival & later premiered with Hulu in March 2020.

Hillary is an intriguing piece of film making that sheds light upon the reality of Clinton’s life & also shows a series of progressive facts that lead to the shaping of the 2016 campaign & election.

Burstein represents Clinton’s biography following her 2016 election campaign for her run for the president. Featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from her campaign, a self-told narrative of the work of campaigning as a woman that took her almost 25 whole days in hair and makeup, she speaks about the controversial email that was leaked in the media confirming the suspicions about her duplicity.

Outlining such a polarizing character that Hilary is, Burstein prepared herself so that everything falls right into place & she succeeds in her idea of getting it right.

Working with a personality who has been defamed in so many levels by the media & public, & going into the depth of those accusations while remaining as objective as possible made the entire journey of film making even more challenging than it seemed.

The biography interprets some of the major landmines of Hillary’s story such as the Whitewater, impeachment, Clinton’s decision to stay in her marriage, the Benghazi hearings, etc.

Hillary is a four-hour-long revelation on Clinton herself commenting on both the 2016 campaign from primaries to Election Day and her biography.

The film takes a far jump from the 2016 campaign meetings to the most recent chapter of her political career which sees a lot of fascinating debate preparations opposite to both Sanders and Trump.

Hillary shows some of the most honest portrayals from her life as a child, her life in school & college & her experiences after meeting Bill Clinton.

Molding all the series of major events that shaped the life of the most well-known personalities of America into a brilliant biographic film, Burstein presents us with Hillary– one of the most skillful versions of her story that we have ever come across.






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