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HARRY BOSCH, Amazon's Favorite Cop Is Back On Track With BOSCH - Season 6

Harry Bosch, Amazon’s Favorite Cop Is Back On Track With Bosch – Season 6

With further ado, let’s introduce you to the man behind Amazon’s super successful crime mystery series- BOSCH

Harry Bosh – The skillful & enthralling character played by Titus Welliver, Harry Bosch is a homicide detective in the LAPD who doesn’t like to play by the book.

Harry, who lives by his personal credo“Everybody counts, or nobody counts” have been working with the Los Angeles Police Department for more than twenty years now.

He spent his childhood in an orphanage haunted by the murder of his mother, who was a sex worker.

Harry’s life has been nothing less than a nightmare after his wife was murdered by a Chinese gang & the only person whom he can call his family is his daughter Madison Lintz.

Bosch has a passion for Jazz & lives in a stunning glass-walled house that gives a symbolic representation of the entire city.

Harry loves working as an individualist but he is often partnered with Detective Jerry Edgar to investigate the cases together. Edgar is a divorced father with two sons & someone who loves expensive suits.

A Peek Into The Storyline Of BOSCH

Bosch is a web TV series produced by Amazon Studios and Fabrik Entertainment. An American police procedural show developed for Amazon by Eric Overmyer. Starring Titus Welliver in the lead who plays the character of Harry Bosch working for the Los Angeles Police Department as a homicide detective.

Drawing inspiration from crime novels by Michael Connelly such as City of BonesEcho ParkThe Last Coyote, A Darkness More Than Night, Angels Flight & many more, BOSCH remains a unique adaptation of the novels smartly converted into TV series.

The adaptation does not follow any particular order in which the books were published. The individual seasons follow the storyline that is often adapted by interweaving the plots from either two or three books at a time.

Summarizing BOSCH Season 1 to 5

Season 1

Based on the novels- The Concrete Blonde (Book 3), City of Bones (Book 8), and Echo Park (Book 12)the first season consists of 10 episodes. The season shows, Harry Bosch, working with the LAPD to solve the murder of a 13-year-old boy while himself being accused of executing the suspect.

Season 2

Based on the novels – The Last Coyote (Book 4) and Trunk Music (Book 5)the second season includes a total of 10 episodes. This season follows Bosch being involved in a case of investigating a corrupt LAPD unit and the murder of an Armenian crime boss.

Season 3

Based on the novels- The Black Echo (Book 1), A Darkness More Than Night (Book 7) & Death of Ed Gunn based on The Drop (Book 15), season 3 surprised the viewers with its unpredictable twists & turns making the series best of the lot.

In the third season, Harry is held suspect for murdering a man named Ed Gunn who escaped a murder investigation that was led by Bosch.

Season 4

Based on the novel – Angels Flight (Book 6), the fourth drop follows a murder that takes place during the trial of Michael Harris who accused the LAPD of their violent interrogation tactics.

The danger of being exposed ruin the lives of the cops who were guilty of harming Harris.

Season 5

Based on the novel – Two Kinds of Truth (Book 20)Season 5 sees Harry going undercover to investigate an opioid ring as a disguised drug-addict.

Bosch succeeds in invading the drug dealer’s compound but puts his life at risk.

BOSCH is Back With Season 6

Season 6 premiered on 16th April 2020 with Amazon. This season is an adaptation of the novels- The Overlook and Dark Sacred Night by Michael Connelly. 

The season follows a murder investigation of Stanley Kent, a cancer researcher led by Bosch along with his partner Edgar.

As they dig deeper into the investigation, Bosch & Edger discover a whole new dimension to the crime that finally leads them towards the killer.

Season 6 brings a bag full of surprises to the viewers making it a worthwhile watch. The series left the viewers with a bittersweet experience just as concluded by Michael Connelly.





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