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Guess what’s oozing out of the heads of creators of Money Heist Its WHITE LINES

Guess What’s Oozing Out Of Heads Of The Creators Of Money Heist? It’s White Lines!

A raunchy, chaotic, dark comedy with a hell lot of sex! Alex Pine is all set to knock-us off with a high dosage of drugs, with his latest, White Lines.

Releasing with Netflix on the 15th of May 2020 White Lines has already won over the masses.

White Lines is a British-Spanish murder thriller that follows the story of young women Zoe, who leaves behind her peaceful life to investigate the mystery surrounding her brother’s murder only to find herself drawn towards a dark world.

The Gripping Plot

The episode starts with a heavy rainfall & thunderstorm excavating the body of Axel in a Spanish dessert known as Almería. Axel, a Manchester-born DJ, left with a group of his friends to make their mark on Ibiza & went missing without a trace.

Zoe is infuriated to know that Axel’s murder cannot be investigated due to Spanish protocols, & takes charge to dig out the truth behind his murder.

On the other hand, Andreu Calafat, who happens to be a powerful businessman is extremely disturbed after learning about Axel’s death & asks Boxer to find out the truth about his murder.

Both their investigations collide when they meet with Marcus, Axel’s best friend. In her attempt to find out the truth, Zoe reacts very drastically leaving Marcus in deep shit.

As the crime drama intensifies, Zoe & Boxer unite their efforts to save Marcus from the police & the Romanian drug traffickers.

Amidst all the tension rising between Ibiza’s most prominent families, Zoe’s father tries to convince her to come out of the madness before it’s too late but finding herself drawn towards Boxer, Zoe could hardly detract from the investigation.

The series takes a chaotic turn when Marcus ropes in Zoe into his drug business, dragging down her life towards a dangerous path.

While struggling to confess her affair to her husband, Zoe makes a shocking move that brings about a series of incidents that finally reveal the truth behind Axel’s murder.

What is the Buzz all about??

White Lines is just another piece of witty fiction by Alex Pine who was inspired by the dark world of narcotics but many speculated it to be a series based on a true story.

Just like Money Heist, Alex makes sure that White Lines makes for an enthralling watch to keep the viewers hooked & it does so with his unique depiction of scripted reality.

The performances

Laura Haddock who played Zoe Walker & Tom Rhys Harries who plays the character of her brother Axel has earned a round of applause from the audience for their performances.

But it is Nuno Lopes playing the role of Duarte “Boxer” Silva, who has become the hottest internet sensation.

Our Verdict

White Lines promises to make you feel high & lose yourself to the mystery wrapped tale. And while the rest of the world dreams about dancing in the floors of Ibiza, we are drooling over this 42-year old hunk, Nuno who made his big debut with White Lines.






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