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Game Of Thrones Finales We’d Be Happy With

All good things must come to an end, and it may just be so for Game of Thrones in about a year or two. So, we’ve come up with endings we’d be quite pleased with. We’ve ensured that our favorites have prospered and survived, while the hated have met their just fates. Take a look at our happy Game of Thrones endings.

1. Queen Daenerys of Westeros

We can’t ever see Daenerys giving up until she achieves her goal and we’re with her every step of the way. We would love to see her take the throne, kill Cersei and rule with Jon, Tyrion and her two remaining dragons at her side.

2. King Aegon Targaryen

Jon or should we start calling him Aegon now? Well Aegon’s biggest goal is to defeat the Night King and we would absolutely love to see him do just that in an epic and intense battle. After the defeat of the White Walkers, we would also like to see him take the throne from Cersei, where he then proceeds to have a family with Daenerys (Tyrion would make the best godfather ever). Baby dragons would be a great bonus as well.

3. Lord Tyrion Lannister

There isn’t one person who has a heart who doesn’t want to see Tyrion win. We’d love to see him transition from being the Hand of the Queen to ruling Westeros while Jon and Daenerys go on a much-needed vacation with their two remining dragons. Of course, Cersei has to die because we’d never hear the end of it from her. And because Tyrion and Jaime were so close, we’d love to see that relationship become what it once was, or even better. Throw in a girl who deserves our favorite little person and we’re great with that. Ps. How much more amazing would it be if Tyrion was a secret Targaryen?

4. Kings and Queens of the North

The Starks’ win will entail many components, but namely Sansa and Jon ruling in harmony- even possibly a marriage- Aria taking Cersei’s and Jaime’s head and Bran successfully becoming the Three-Eyed Raven, while holding onto some of the old Bran (he’s just way too weird when he doesn’t care about his family).

And here are a few endings we completely refuse to entertain:

1. Cersei Lannister wins

While this may make for good TV, it also makes for epic heartbreak. The show would just become all about revenge, more Lannister lies and more brother-sister loving; the show deserves more than that.

2. The Night King wins

Well he already has an ice dragon so it’s not completely impossible for him to win. But how interesting would it really be if the entirety of the Seven Kingdoms was just ice, White Walkers and wights? Next…

3. Euron Greyjoy wins

Not only did this man kill his brother, he also tried to kill his niece and nephew. Euron would make the most perverted and foul-mouthed king in the Seven Kingdoms, so no….just, no!

While we would absolutely love to see these things happen, we know that the author and the producers have sick senses of humors. All we can do is hope that there isn’t another Hodor repeat.




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