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Funniest SNL Sketches Of 2017

Saturday Night Live has been around since 1980 and one can argue even before that. It is a late-night variety show that focuses on comedy, namely sketches, both made up and parodies of what is currently going on in the world today. The show hasn’t lasted for almost forty years for nothing. It is ridiculously hilarious and has been nominated for several awards, including an Emmy.

We’ve decided to do a recap of the funniest sketches of 2017. Let’s take a look at what had so many people laughing this year.

1. The Sean Spicer Press Conference

Melissa McCarthy had us all rolling when she played Sean Spicer at a press conference. She started by apologizing to herself, on behalf of the audience, then proceeded to not accept said apology. She emphasized that the travel ban was not a ban and to heckle the journalists who were asking questions. She then sprayed a reporter with soap water from a Nerf Gun “to wash his filthy, lying mouth.” It was completely epic!

2. Papyrus

Ryan Gosling made an appearance on the show as Steven, a man who was obsessed with the Papyrus font. It really bothered Steven, Gosling’s character, who was upset that such a big movie, Avatar, would use such an available and effortless font. It haunted him to the point where it affected his daily relationships and even went to counseling for his obsession. He eventually ends up in an accident right outside the graphic designer’s (who chose the Papyrus font for Avatar) house, and in the closing scene, said designer mocks him with a smile.

3. Kellywise

In this sketch, a fake Anderson Cooper and Kellyanne Conway (Kate McKinnon) have a conversation where she’s begging for him to put her on TV. Kellyanne is dressed up as her version of the clown from It and is called Kellywise the Dancing Clown. She keeps spitting out alternative facts while in the sewer, while trying to get Anderson to book her on CNN. She eventually pretends to be Hillary Clinton and baits Cooper into joining her in the sewer for a copy of her new book, What Happened. She then bites off his hand and tries to drag him down. He eventually wakes up and realizes it may have been a dream, except that Kellyanne is now sitting next to him on his show.

4. Trump Meets His People

In this sketch, Alec Baldwin retains his hilarious position as the Commander in Chief, Donald Trump. He’s at a press conference where he’s meeting some of his supporters. One supporter tells Trump (Baldwin) that he has been laid off from his job as a coal miner. Trump then assures the man that as president, he will ensure that the worker stays in the coal mining field for the rest of his life; that his kids will be coal miners and their kids after them. It’s pretty hilarious, and even touches on removing Obamacare.

5. Family Feud

Here, Kenan Thompson plays Steve Harvey- at least a crude version of the host. Daryll (played by Tracy Morgan) plays the game against his ex-wife Jackie (Leslie Jones), two divorced African Americans. He’s opposing his ex-wife with his new white wife and step-children, while Jackie is on a team with her and Daryll’s kids (who he has seemed to have left behind because of his recent marriage) and the show makes fun of that situation. The first question says: Name something people often forget. Jackie jumps in and says “their family,” and it is a complete hoot!




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