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Five Ways Preacher Can Fix Its Third Season

Season two of Preacher should have been a high-octane progression from the introductory first season. Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy had left the destroyed town of Annville in their wake ready for the road trip of a lifetime in search for God. Except, like season one, the show dramatically petered out by the end of the season, leaving its once exciting premise in the dust. With season three coming out later this year, here is five was Preacher can get back on track.

1. Adapt the comic

You’re probably thinking that Preacher is already an adaptation of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillion’s landmark comic series, but you may be mistaken. Apart from the characters the show has been almost nervous about taking elements that made the comics such a great read. It’s fine if Preacher isn’t a straight adaptation, what’s the point of adapting it if the creators can’t find a new spin, but the story choices that Preacher has implemented in season two don’t just ignore the comics, they are actively the worst version of this anarchic story. So, for season three, Preacher needs to get back to the source material for some much-needed focus and guidance.

2. Stop wasting Tulip

The characters of Preacher are easily it’s biggest strength, and the trio of Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga, and Joseph Gilgun are perfectly cast, but it’s only Cooper that gets to do anything remotely interesting. Tulip has been saddled with the least interesting, or original storylines for two seasons now, and the latter half of season two found her just sort of moping about in Dennis’ apartment. Tulip is a badass, and the show needs to give Ruth Negga a chance at some more cool moments as any time she’s called on to do something cool, she steals the show.

3. Stop Wasting Cassidy

Remember when Preacher debuted in 2016? Cassidy, the surly Irish vampire with a heart of booze and a head full of mischief was one of the biggest breako0ut characters of the year. Well season two has relegated him to comic relief status, while also giving him the most predictable storyline you could give a vampire, concerning his wholly uninteresting son Dennis. Season three could have the chance to make Cassidy great again by exploring his backstory. There is literally decades of this dude being up to no good, give us Cassidy in the sixties; who wouldn’t want to see that?

4. Make Angelville as messed up as possible

As boring as season two became, the ending: in which Jesse and Cassidy are taking the recently killed Tulip to Jesse’s former home, we only had a few glimpses of what Jesse’s life with his evil grandmother was like. This is an extremely important story in the comics and if Preacher can do it justice then it could be something vey special, and utterly horrifying.

5. Road Trip

The heart of the comics was the trio’s madcap road trip to find God, and when season two started off as just that, it was clearly the best version of the show. Then our anti-heroes got stuck in New Orleans and all the excitement ground to a halt. Once Angelville is finished, and if they all survive, get the gang back on the road.




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