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Five Things to Expect From Doctor Who Season 10

Season ten of Doctor Who, which returns to screens on April 15th, will mark the departure of showrunner Steven Moffat, with Peter Capaldi joining him in the Tardis retirement home after this year’s Christmas special. After a year and a half break between The Doctor’s adventures hopes are high for Moffat to end his, at times controversial, stint as showrunner in style. With that in mind, here are five things to expect from Doctor Who season ten.

5. The new assistants

Debuting in a fun short film in 20165, season ten will mark the full debut of Bill (Pearl Mackie), the Doctor’s new assistant. She isn’t the only one who will be running with the Doctor as we haven’t seen the last of Matt Lucas’ Nardole. The Tardis is going to be a tad crowded.

4. Missy is back

Missy, aka the female/best version of The Master, returns for season ten to cause all sorts of murderous mischief. Played by Michelle Gomez, Missy was last seen at the beginning of season nine escaping the newly rebuilt Dalek home world Skaro. It’ not clear whether Missy will be an untrustworthy partner in crime, or the main threat, either way, she brings a maniacal energy to the show’s more serious moments.

3. A return to three-part stories

Toby Whithouse, who wrote the excellent Under the Lake/After the Flood two-parter from season nine, has confirmed that season ten will have a three part story set in the present. Not much else is known, but this is the first three-part new Who story since David Tennant and Catherine Tate’s tenure. According to Digital Spy, the three-parter will be the sixth, seventh, and eighth, episodes of season ten, and the main threat will be the Monk-like Aliens glimpsed in the latest trailer.`

2. Things are going to get tricky

Part of the reason there was no new episodes apart from the Christmas special in 2016, was that the BBC, knowing that this would be Steven Moffat’s last year in charge, gave him the time to create something really special. Considering Moffat’s time as boss, which has included two different Doctor’s, female Timelords (at last), and the 50th Anniversary special. There is one thing that is all but guaranteed: it’s going to be complicated. Not Sherlock complicated, the less said about that show the better, but hopefully Doctor Who season ten will be a worthy send-off for a showrunner that has always told interesting stories, even if they haven’t always been loved.

1. A mix of old and new

One thing that has defined new Who is the way it reinterprets the show’s old monsters. The Daleks, the Ice Warriors, and the Cybermen are all set to feature in season ten, with the first episode based around the Daleks. While the show has been great at re-imagining, season 10 will see the return of the original Cybermen designs from the old show, last seen, funnily enough in the season one episode Dalek.




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