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Five Shows to Watch in June

With the majority of the network television season ending in May, that doesn’t mean that June is the barren wasteland of TV that it used to be. Here are five shows to watch when you’re not outside enjoying the summer weather.

1. Orange is the New Black

Netflix’s most successful show returns for its fifth season as the inmates of Litchfield prison deal with all manner of problems with the wit and drama that the show is famous for. Looking to keep up the momentum of last season’s return to form, Piper Chapman and co have to deal with the fallout from Poussey’s tragic death. While the show has been in the headlines for the wrong reasons, with episodes being leaked after Netflix fell victim to a cyber-attack, Orange is the New Black will reward those who weren’t tempted by the leak, and for those that were, shame on you (and was it any good?).

2. Orphan Black

Season five will mark the end of Clone Club as Orphan Black comesto a conclusion. Fresh from her well-deserved Emmy win, Tatiana Maslanay’s next job is going to be a lot easier in comparison, so for one last time, let’s enjoy Sarah and her sisters last bow in this excellent, topical, and wholly original series. Expectations are high considering how good season four was, and with a cliffhanger that left everyone in uncertainty, there are still questions to be answered. None more so than what the deal is with Kira – I can’t be the only one who wants that needs closure on that.

3. The Mist

Stephen King adaptations have been big business of late, what with The Dark Tower and IT coming to the big screen later this year. Next up is Spike TV’s adaptation of King’s novella The Mist, which has already been made into the movie with an ending that kills your very soul. Trailers from the show play up the inherent creepiness of the premise in which a small town is engulfed by a thick mist populated by monsters that clearly come from the Lovecraftian part of King’s mind. As it always is with King adaptations, The Mist could be brilliant or utterly dreadful, let’s hope it’s more 11/22/63, and less Under the Dome.

4. Preacher

From what has been revealed from trailers and featurettes season two is when Preacher will really become Preacher. As good as season one was, and it was a doozy, Annville was too limiting a setting for an adaptation of a comic about a supernatural, religious, and cosmic road trip through America. Season two sees Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy finally on the open road as they search for God. There’s also the small matter of a certain Cowboy on their trail. Expect season two to be a thousand times crazier than the first.

5. Gypsy

Netflix’s lesser-known June release stars Naomi Watts as a therapist that becomes increasingly involved in the lives of her patients. Think In Treatment with less talking and more melodrama. Watts is enjoying a spate of TV appearances as she has recently turned up in the Twin Peaks revival – hopefully that will finally give the Aussie actress the seal legs to front her own show.




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