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FabFive is back in business with a brand new season of QUEER EYE-5

FabFive Is Back In Business With A Brand New Season Of Queer Eye

Well, the lockdown doesn’t seem to end any sooner & now that you have ticked off almost all your pending list & watched almost every trending show & wondering where to invest your time next, Netflix drops in with the fifth season of QUEER EYE.

The super fun team of Fab Five is back to brighten up your gloomy days with a brand new season of QUEER EYE just when you needed them.

QUEER EYE is a show about kindness & compassion, an overwhelming series that helps people bring back positivity & happiness in their lives.

The fantastic team of Fab Five affects the lives of the people in a much larger way than we realize. Whether it’s through Tan’s amazing styling skills that boost your glam quotient, Karamo’s inspiring pep talks, Jonathan Van Ness’ skincare & hair tips to die for, Bobby’s home modernizing skills or Antoni’s expertise in food & wine. The show has made a special place in our lives & instantly raises our spirit.

The team of QUEER EYE is now headed to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for the fifth season after giving makeovers to the people of Georgia & Missouri in its previous seasons.

The show is back again with their biggest season ever diving deeper to spread their magic around 10 strangers, finding out about their lives & understanding their needs.

Let’s meet the season heroes:

1. Jennifer Sweeney

She is a processor for an insurance broker company. A 48 yr. old lady who is a mother to three beautiful daughters. Jennifer is an extremely busy woman who won’t let anybody help her with the household chores.

Her girls have approached the Fab Five to help her mother understand the value of self-love & how it is okay to sometimes put yourself at first.

2. Lilly Yi

A first-generation Korean-American, Lilly Yi is a 33-year-old pediatric student who is also the first member of her family to graduate. A peppy girl, fun-loving soul who dealing with insecurities despite her pronounced success.

3. Noah Hepler

The head pastor of a Lutheran church in Fishtown, Noah is having a hard time understanding his sexual-orientation seeking help from the team QUEER EYE. to make him overcome the failures & feel good about himself.

4. Nate McIntyre

A 43-year-old personal gym trainer, who has put his relationships on hold to discover himself at first. He wants to make fitness a more affordable & accessible service to all so that society can stay healthy & live longer.

5. Marco Tlacopilco

Marco is the owner of Marco’s Fish & Crab House, in the fish market of Italy. A 46-year-old chap who needs help to mend the relationship with his eldest daughter.

6. Ryan Dyer

Ryan works as a typical DJ at some of the popular hotspots in New Jersey. He loves all the popularity when he is putting up fire on-stage but beneath all that, he is a simple man who feels deeply for his town & his community & the one who misses his family a lot.

7. Tyreek Wanamaker

Striving hard to make good living & have a stable life, Tyreek is a 27 yr old man who is the co-founder of The Block Gives Back-a nonprofit organization at Philly.

He has lost many of his friends including two of his brothers in the course of his life & needs a little support from the Fab Five to learn how to take care of himself & lead a better life.

8. Rahanna Gray

A 26 yr. old proud owner of Stylish Pooch Mobile Grooming, who is dealing with a sudden downfall in her business. She neither has a proper business website nor does she find proper clothes to fit her long frame of 6’3″. She is in desperate need of team QUEER EYE to help her out of the mess.

9. Abby Leady

A 19 yr. old anxious lady who happens to be a climate change advocate. Her mom is super worried about Abby after she moved into the group home to work with the people towards climate change, thinking that she might not be able to take good care of herself.

The Fab Five team helps her to understand how to take proper care while staying true to the movement.

10. Kevin Abernethy

A 53 yr. old single father, who is having a hard time moving on, despite being encouraged by his daughter to date & start living his life. His daughter Haley who is going to get married wants her father to know that he has done a commendable job bringing her up & wants him to walk her down the aisle with pride & confidence.

QUEER a show that doesn’t need us but a show that we need!





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