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Ever Wondered What It’ll Be Like If You Could UPLOAD Your Life??


Well, if you think I am kidding here, mind you, I am not! Or certainly not Mr. Greg Daniels who is the creator of this unique sci-fiction series.

Upload is an American science fiction comedy web television series that premiered on May 1, 2020, on Prime Video & has created quite a buzz immediately after its release & in fact if the sources are to be believed they are already planning for renewing the second season.

The series has turned out to be mind-boggling for the viewers because let’s face it, no one would have imagined having a digital afterlife!

One might think the concept of the series to be a little bizarre, but if you happen to watch it, you might realize that it is no less thoughtful.

“Upload” has surprisingly connected with the people with its unique plot & seems as if the viewers are already thinking ‘what if I could have virtual heaven of my own?’ Yes you read that right!

Here’s what they think:

Apart from the intriguing plot, what’s keeping the people hooked is the noteworthy performances by Robbie Amell & Andy Allo.

“Upload” is an imaginary tale of a future where humans can upload their consciousness to a digital afterlife. The story rests on the life of Nathan Brown (Robbie Amell, “The Flash”), a coder in Los Angeles who develops a version of a digital afterlife than those offered by a corporate enterprise. But things take a major twist when Nathan meets with a sudden self-driving car accident. Here comes the character of ‘Nora’ played by the brilliant Andy Allo & makes the whole story worth a watch.

Upload scores a good rank amongst the sci-fi genre with its series with its beautiful storyline which narrates an intense love story keeping its mystery alive! The characters are indeed beautifully crafted & it somewhere tickles the conscience in humans & speaks about the innate greed that we all have within.

The series rests on what happens when we die and how we find happiness in the afterlife. But amongst others, the most unrelatable thing here is the Lakeview premise that Nathan chooses for his afterlife is something that only rich people can afford to be in. I mean common, everything comes at a price right?

It also focuses on how effectively one can upload all the personal ‘life’ data into an “iCloud” kinda thing! & this world includes service animals that provide therapy services and “angels” who help them from the “real world” via headsets and virtual reality.huh!

In this “binge-era” “Upload” is an extensive show that speaks volumes about humanity-at it’s awful best and how we persevere the invincible odds & somehow finding our happy place even at the worst times.

So, just in case you haven’t yet watched “Upload”, we suggest you do it right away! we could totally imagine you watching all ten episodes of this first season in a single weekend.

And here can find more information on Upload Season 2!

Upload season 2 release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know

It’s always good to know a second season is around the corner, so you won’t be left hanging!





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