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Come To Daddy, A Twisted Tale Of A Father & A Son.

“Come To Daddy” is a suspense thriller released directed by Ant Timpson & written by Toby Harvard.

Initially released on 25th April 2019 (Tribeca), it was later released this year in Feb 2020 in the U.S, New Zealand & Canada.

The Cast:

come to daddy cast

  • Elijah Wood as Norval
  • Martin Donovan as Brian
  • Stephen McHattie as Gordon
  • Michael Smiley as Jethro
  • Garfield Wilson as Ronald Plum
  • Madeleine Sami as Gladys
  • Ona Grauer as Precious

The Plot:

Norval Greenwood plays the character of a privileged musician & happens to live with his mother in a Beverly Hills mansion. Brian Greenwood, his father left him & his mom when he was just five years old. Norval, who hasn’t seen his father since he was a kid, receives a letter from his father asking him to pay a visit.

Not knowing the reason, Norval decides to meet with his father & makes the trek to a secluded cabin where his father lived.

Brian initially welcomes his son with a warm hug, but soon begins to show his aggressiveness towards him.

He also insults his son & one day accidentally drops his Norvals’s phone into the ocean. He was left speechless by his father paid no heed to the incident & just blew off by saying “accidentally”.

Soon, Brian began threatening his son & even stooped down to physical violence. One afternoon when Brian attacks Norval with a meat cleaver, things begin to heat up between the too & Brian immediately dies of a heart attack.

The situation intensifies when Norval is forced to keep his father’s body with him due to space shortage at the morgue.

As he waits for his mother to come & take him back to their mansion. During his attempt to stay at the cabin while waiting for his mother, he encounters disturbing noises coming from beneath the house.

He is intrigued to find out that the person who died is not his father & eventually finds an escaped path that led to a bunker, where he finds his real father. He almost froze to see the bloodied and chained up man in front of him. Later after coming to know the truth, he promises to take revenge & tries to kill a man named Jethro, who luckily escapes him.

Ultimately, when Brian told his son about how he joined the group of 3 men who had kidnapped the daughter of Thailand’s richest man & flew away with the large ransom has been on living on the edge ever since.

He was then caught by these men who have been torturing him for the longest time now that he lived.

As soon as Norval is about to free his father, Dandy & Jethro arrives & tries to kill them both. During the intense struggle, the movie turns into a barbaric drama getting as aggressive as it can be.

It comes as an ultimate shocker when Norval’s mother’s identity of being a prostitute is revealed. In the extensive fight, Norval gets wounded but is alive, to walk back to his father & apologies to him for not letting his mother get over him.

The Viewers Take:

The film has left the viewers astounded by its weird & insanely dark thriller. Providing with a tight script and interesting direction, “Come to Daddy” is a beguiling watch.





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