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Biggest TV Disappointments Of The Year 2017

7. Sherlock

Season four of Sherlock was so bad that it may have ruined the entire series. After another two year fan-baiting Moriarty cliff-hanger Sherlock decided to ignore it completely, kill off the only interesting female character, have Sherlock emotionally abuse Watson to get him over said death, and turn what was once a fun detective show into a chamber of horrors. The season was so bad that fans even made up a theory about a secret fourth episode that would confirm that the previous episodes were total rubbish. They don’t need it.

6. The Defenders

Marvel’s Defenders team-up was less of a showcase for the ground-level heroes as it was an Iron Fist sequel. Considering Iron Fist is the most hated member of the team that decision doesn’t seem so wise. It didn’t help that the Hand continued to be a rubbish villain, while also committing the unforgivable sin of wasting Sigourney Weaver. It wasn’t Justice League levels of bad but it’s proof that the Defenders, despite some good chemistry, should stick to their own shows.

5. The Walking Dead

Not really a disappointment so much as a confirmation of decline. The Walking Dead has been in a creative nosedive since Negan went to bat, but the promise of an all-out war was an enticing prospect. Unfortunately, The Walking Dead has managed to make that boring, even so much as having Fear the Walking Dead surpass it in quality. Bet you never thought that would happen.

4. Game of Thrones

Maybe including Game of Thrones is a little harsh: as it did have more good points than bad, but season seven was a muddled run for the show. While there were lots of fantastic moments, especially if they were dragon-related, there was an overall atmosphere of safety. Characters that could die at anytime in previous seasons now had plot armour, especially Jon, and some of the writing was downright ludicrous, especially the characters ability to teleport across very long distances. As the show got bigger Westeros seemed to small.

3. Dark

This German export is drawing rave reviews and favourable comparisons to Stranger Things and Twin Peaks. Some of that acclaim is deserved, the show’s central mystery that stretches across three separate timelines is interesting, but there isn’t a likable character in the whole show. What Dark forgets is that when people talk about Stranger Things and Twin Peaks, it’s the characters that are the most loved.

2. Doctor Who

We waited a year and a half for this? Steven Moffat’s last season in charge of Doctor Who, as well as being Peter Capaldi’s last season, promised to be a fitting, and ambitious send off for the two Scots. Apart from the new assistant, played with an abundance of charm and humour by Pearl Mackie, season ten of Doctor Who was a let-down. The three-part story featuring the Monks failed to make a case for these new villains to return in the future, the reveal of John Simm’s return as the Master was ruined and then wasted, and the whole thing seemed to be more of a shrug than a fitting encore. Jodie Whittaker can’t come soon enough because Doctor Who needs a drastic change.

1. Twin Peaks (Sort of)

Season three of Twin Peaks is great, a landmark for television, but watching it week to week was a lesson in endurance. The return to David Lynch and Mark Frost’s post-modern masterpiece isn’t something that can be consumed an hour a week. Do yourself a favour and binge it.




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