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Beware Amazon Is Planning To Creep Us Out With A Horror Movie - CRAWL

Beware! Amazon Is Planning To Creep Us Out With This Horror-Thriller

Ever imagined what would it be like to get stuck in a disaster surrounded by deadly alligators? Well, it’s very unlikely to happen to us, but that’s exactly what happened with Haley & her father, Dave, when Florida was hit by Category 5 Hurricane & left the place, devastated.

Relax! We are telling you about Crawl, Amazon’s latest release this week.

Crawl, a disaster-thriller, directed by Alexandre Aja, was universally released on July 12, 2019, in the United States. Starring, Barry Pepper & Kaya Scodelario as the father-daughter duo, who were hunted down by alligators, in their home, as they were trapped inside during a Category 5 hurricane.

When Category 5 Hurricane, Wendy is on its way to crush down Florida, Haley Keller (an aspiring swimmer in the University of Florida), disregarding all eviction protocols, rushes to her father Dave, who isn’t answering her calls.

Terrified by the news of the storm, Haley hurries to reach her father at the condo but instead, finds their family dog Sugar.

Struggling to find her father, Haley & Sugar navigate their way to the flooded streets leading them to their Coral Lakehouse. Leaving Sugar upstairs, she descends towards the basement of the house, where she finds Dave in a wounded state.

As they gradually try to escape, they realize that a flooding house is the least of their fears as the house exit is interrupted by gigantic & monstrous alligators.

As the storm intensifies & the water level rises in the area, it becomes almost impossible for Haley & Dave to escape to a safe place. Creeping the audiences bit by bit as deadly, slow-moving alligators prowl within the waters.

Finding themselves helpless, Haley tries to seek help from the looters in a gas station opposite the house, but unfortunately gets killed by the alligators leaving her at a state of shock! Desperate to escape, Dave successfully to kill an alligator but finds himself trapped again.

The horror intensifies when Haley manages to eliminate another beast shooting down its throat when it nearly bites her hand off.

The ultimate face-off between Dave, Haley & the alligators is extremely tormenting to watch. Aja successfully captures the intensifying scenes & you can almost feel the panic-struck between the leads to make it alive.

Even though, the movie has an absolute nail-biting plot that intensifies as the story moves to its peak. The movie makes for a good terrifying watch with believable performances by the cast.

Alexandre Aja tries to strike the right cord that approaches wildly entertainment of “Piranha 3D“, “The Shallows,” or “Jaws”, but delivers an implacable film that occasionally dives into deliberate silliness.

Crawl, theatrically distributed by Paramount Pictures has grossed a whopping $91.5 million worldwide and received generally positive reviews.

Demetrios Matheou (London Evening Standard) quoted “Aja gleefully embraces the imperative of every horror film – that the dispensable characters have to die horribly so that we understand completely the consequences for the protagonists.”

source Rotten Tomatoes

Overall the story of a father-daughter duo that sees them fighting for their life against alligators amidst Category 5 Hurricane is a one-time entertaining flick that won’t harm you to give it a watch.





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