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Best Sci-Fi Movies & Shows On Amazon Prime For Sci-Fi Suckers That Will Blow Your Mind

Best Sci-Fi Movies & Shows On Amazon Prime For Sci-Fi Suckers That Will Blow Your Mind

Have you been wondering what makes sci-fi the most important artistic genre?

Science- fiction intrigues the human brain in a very interesting way. It shapes the understanding of human brains on artificial intelligence, life on space, production of cellular structures, etc. It is the only genre that lets us look into the future, which is likely to determine the society & in the coming decades.

Be it sci-fi books, movies, articles, almost anything can make us step out of the box & fills us with the incredible power of imagination to use these technologies for good.

So, here’s an assorted list of sci-fi movies & shows on Amazon Prime that will instill a sense of wonder in you.

1. Annihilation

A strange & dark work of fiction by Alex Garlan. A psychological- horror film that focuses on a group of scientists who set foot into the Shimmera peculiar bubble of mutating plants and animals caused by the presence of an unknown force.

The film brilliantly captures the terrifying & frightening experiences when Natalie Portman a biologist, who along with three other female scientists, enters into the Shimmer to gather more information.

2. Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary

If you think that you know all the specifics surrounding the making of Galaxy Quest, this documentary will certainly surprise you. The documentary is a brilliant take on the real-life of the actors of Galaxy Quest themselves.

The stars share their experiences during the making of the film & how the devastating new of the great Alan Rickman changed their lives forever.

3. Super 8

A simple story about a group of friends who unleashes the mysterious events taking place after an accidental train crash in their small town.

Super 8 is undoubtedly the best movie by J.J. Abrams to date that features brilliant performances by a bunch of kids as they uncover the greatest mystery of their lives.

4. Overlord

Hitting up with a high-intensity, spine-tingling sequence that makes Overload worth a watch for a million times. The movie sets up for a heart-thumping experience as it drops a group of American soldiers in a French village just the day before the D day & digs out the secret Nazi experiments.

5. Rememory

Directed by Mark Palansky, the film features a celebrated scientist who creates a machine that allows the patients to reconceive & record their memories following the exact sequence of occurrence.

The film shapes an understanding of human minds leading to the development of technological resources which can often lead to destructiveness.

6. The Man Who Fell to Earth

The film centers around the story of an alien who disguises a human being to keep his dying planet protected. But how long can he keep playing along with the acquisitiveness of the real humans around him?

A temperamental & strange work of fiction by David Lynch that might not garner the interest of everyone but if you are a sci-fi lover, this film is worth all your time.

7. A Quiet Place

A surprising take on sci-fi by John Krasinski, the former star of The Office who is the co-writer, actor & director of horror- fiction.

The film focuses on the struggles of a family trying to survive the ruthless bloodthirsty creatures who have emerged on the face of the earth in the wake of a mysterious attack on the planet.

Beware! If they hear you, they will kill you.





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