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Amazon Launches A Suspenseful Ride With THE INVISIBLE MAN Is He Gone For Good Or Just Hiding In Plain Sight

Amazon Launches A Suspenseful Ride With The Invisible Man! Is He Gone For Good Or Just Hiding In Plain Sight?

There is something about classic thrillers that pour in just the right amount of suspense without revealing too much too soon that captivates the viewers throughout the entire plot without letting them blink an eye!

 Leigh Whannell’s directorial work of fiction tells a similar tale.

The Invisible Man is loosely based upon a 19th-century novel and the 1933 film of the same name, with a contemporary twist that gives a whole new definition to the story.

A harrowing & unsettling story that follows a woman living in a fear that she is being stalked by her abusive and wealthy boyfriend who seems to have obtained the ability to be invisible after taking his own life.

The movie explores the violence, mental & physical abuse that many domestic abuse victims experience.

A sophisticated sci-fi-horror film that speaks loudly of the trauma’s faced by the women who are often turned down in silence.

Stuck in cold & brutal relationship with a wealthy optics engineer and businessman Adrian Griffin, Cecilia Kass decides to drug him & finally manages to escape from the petrifying relationship.

Cecilia finds her refuge with her childhood friend, Detective James Lanier, and his teenage daughter Sydney, where she decides to stay.

As the film progresses, Cecilia finds herself being troubled by a series of unexplained experiences leading her to suspect the presence of a strange entity.

She reaches out to James after finding unfamiliar footprints in her room but later assures her that she is still traumatized. She faints during a job interview finding that her documents are strangely missing & taken to the hospital where the doctor informs her about finding high levels of Diazepam in her system.

To add to the shocking turn of events, she finds the same bottle that she used to drug Adrian the night of her escape.

Speculating that her sadistic boyfriend must have faked his death to traumatize her, she arranges a meeting with Tom & James explaining the series of unexplained events she has been experiencing for the last few days but fails to convince them.

She confronts her sister Emily who brushes her off without even acknowledging her. Cecilia then turns to Sydney who gets hit by an unseen force, leading her and James to believe that it was Cecilia who tried to harm her.

Turned down by everyone she knew, she decides not to give up so soon & sets out on a quest to unleash the truth.

Packed with a series of unnerving occurrences with a superbly fantastic musical score that keeps the suspense of the story alive, the film emerges as a nail-biting & gripping tale that won’t let you get off your couch.

Anchored by the master of her craft, Elizabeth Moss binds us throughout the film with her compelling act.

Will Cecilia be able to find out the truth? Is Adrian gone for the good or is he just hiding in plain sight? Will there be an escape for Cecilia this time?

If you haven’t been able to plunge yourself into the latest suspense- thriller on Amazon, we strongly recommend you to turn onto Amazon’s hottest streaming service & fasten your seatbelts as you will be about to get onto a terrifying & suspenseful ride.





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