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Amazon Launches A Peppy Entertainment With DORA AND THE CITY OF GOLD

Amazon Launches A Peppy Entertainment With Dora And The City of Gold

Amazon refreshes its library with Dora & The City Of Gold, a peppy animation designed to cater more to the grown-ups than the kids.

The film is a delightful adaptation of Nickelodeon’s Dora the Explorer.

Almost twenty years after the much popular & loved television series, this live-action movie by James Bobin feels like a terrific throwback to the 80’s Dora the Explorer.

The movie follows a young Dora staying inside the deep Peruvian jungle with her explorer parents Cole and ElenaDora spends her childhood days by going on adventures with her monkey friend Boots, her cousin Diego along with her imaginary friends, Map & Backpack.

While Diego goes back to live with his family in Los Angeles, Dora stays back in the jungle with her parents in search of the Lost City of Gold.

After ten years, worried about her safety, Dora is sent to study in high school with her cousin Diego in Los Angeles, while her parents continue to explore the lost city.

Dora has a very difficult time reconnecting with Diego, who doesn’t find her charming anymore rather finds her extremely embarrassing.

But despite his embarrassment, Dora keeps her positivity alive as she tries to fit in the new environment hoping to make a few new friends.

As they go on a school field trip to a museum, Dora and the others get kidnapped by a band of mercenaries who take them to Peru.

Fortunately, they succeed in escaping the mercenaries with the help of Alejandro, who happens to know Dora’s parents.

Dora finds her map is being stolen & learns that the mercenaries are looking for her parents so that they can lead them to the Lost City Of Gold & keep all the treasures to themselves.

Dora sets out on the mission to find out her parents with the help of Alejandro & her schoolmates follow her hoping to be rescued.

As they set out on the journey to rescue her parents, Dora & the others travel through numerous obstacles & even get attacked by the forest guards of Parapata.

Soon, as they succeed to reach inside the hidden city, they are again tricked by numerous puzzles waiting to be trapped, luckily with the help of others, they solve the temple puzzles bringing them to the central shrine.

As the story unravels, it would be a surprise to see whether Dora & her friends can rescue her parents & bring them back safely or not.

Dora & The City Of Gold comes as a real surprise to the audience! Even though the humor is lazy & super cheesy at times, the film glides with its seeming adventurous plot & effortlessly wins over the audience.

Wrapped beneath a science fiction adventure film, Dora & The City Of Gold approaches to break the social boundaries and stereotypes caused by racism, sexism, colonialism, conformity, and overall it tries to breakdown the rigidity of the so-called social norms.

The movie compels the society to realize its mistakes & pleads them to try & be a little less harsh on the teenagers so that they can grow in a much happy & lovable environment.





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