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TV Hero published content from writers all around the world about your favourite or possibly your most hated TV Shows!

The TV Hero team loves watching TV and figured why not turn what we love into a platform (In reality just a simple WordPress blog, shh) where we can potentially reach thousands of other TV Show lovers with our sometimes horrible clickbait articles.

While our biggest aim is to focus on entertainment we will also once and a while publish informative articles with actual facts! Please don’t totally hate on us if we completely trash your favourite TV Show as it’s all in good fun, and besides… Each person is entitled to their own opinion right?

If one of our articles really grinds your gears you and more than welcome to get in contact  and we will publish your own top or hate list of your choosing!

But if you are a fan of Teen Wolf please leave this website immediately, just joking! No seriously just leave right now..

Happy browsing and make sure to join the discussion once and a while! We always love to hear input from our readers, please don’t be shy!

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