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8 Travel shows on HULU That Will Take You On A Journey To Remember

8 Travel Shows On Hulu That Will Take You On A Journey To Remember

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We all have that little wanderer in us who likes to explore the world & experience the beauty that nature has to offer. Whether it’s the history behind an old monument or a waterfall that has miraculously evolved out of nowhere, almost anything can inspire us to travel & explore the world to know more.


Now that we are under strict restrictions from traveling & all thanks to the pandemic, for wasting our plans for an exciting vacation.

All we crave is for a breath of fresh air & since we can’t physically go out, the least we can do is sit on our favorite couch & go on a virtual tour with these amazing travel shows available on Hulu.


1. Basic Versus Baller: Travel at Any Cost

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Thinking back to an unforgettable afternoon sipping Venetian Spritz and exploring the back canals with friends, both new and old. (We went through the tunnel in the second photo and we had to crouch down to avoid scraping the ceiling!) —- It was really enjoyable to learn about the long history of the city of Venice and meet the people holding on to their traditions in the face of modernity. It’s so important to hold onto customs and traditions that have made us who we are. The diversity of the human experience is fascinating. —- The final photos are from one of the last traditional silk weavers of Venice. Silk weaving with these giant wooden looms made Venice incredible wealthy, and the finished products were intricately woven and highly prized. —- Until we can travel again we can remember the good days and do our best to stay positive moving into the future. —- Stay safe and healthy everyone. —- 📸: @alexthevagabond

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A simple travel show with a very unique approach that makes Basic Versus Baller: Travel at Any Cost stand out from the rest of this genre.The first show launched by the travel influencers- Vagabrothers.


Join them as they take you across the globe & experience traveling on extensively different budgets.


2. Gaycation


Gaycation is so much more than just a traveling show. It is a fascinating journey with starring Ellen Page and her BFF Ian Daniel.


A short series that explores through places like Brazil, the U.S., India, Ukraine, and more & educates us on the severe & brutal hardships faced by the LGBQTI community even today.


3. Up To Speed


If you are looking for an unconventional travel show, Up to Speed is all you need. Consisting of a single season, Up to Speed is the first-ever travel show to have been launched by Hulu.


Resting on the shoulders of cinematic brilliance- Richard Linklater & Timothy “Speed” Levitch– the most free-spirited tour guide of New York, Up to Speed takes you through the unexplored locations in San Francisco, Chicago, Kansas & Missouri, Virginia, New York City, etc.


4. Huang’s World

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HUANG'S WORLD begins june 28 @mreddiehuang

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A travel show by Chef Eddie Huang, Huang’s World primarily focuses on food as he travels through the various locations & explores the varied culture of the place.


5. The Amazing Race


Having as many as 29 seasons, The Amazing Race remains the most underrated travel TV show of all time. The show takes you through varied locations pumped up with plenty of stunts to keep you hooked.


6. Man vs. Wild


A reality show based on the survival in the wild, Man vs. Wild closely follows the entire journey of Beary Gills as he survives through the hardships in the wild.


 An adventure-based reality television series that gives a nail-biting experience.


7. Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations


Hosted by Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations is a travel show that purely touches the heart with its simple & mesmerizing approach. 


Unfortunately, Hulu is just left with only two seasons of No Reservations but that does not stop it from making this show a total winner.


8. Rick Steves’ Europe

Nobody knows Europe the way Rick Steve does. Rick, who has been featuring Europe since he first started his travel show back in 1980.

It is such a wonderful experience to explore Europe through the eyes of this man. 


If you think you have traveled to Europe & you don’t need this show, we bet you will be surprised by what Rick has in store for you.





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