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8 Seasons Of The Walking Dead Ranked Worst To Best

8. Season Seven

The Walking Dead has never been more crowded or aimless than Negan’s first full season. Most of the sixteen episodes were either spent discovering new settlements like the Kingdom of King Ezekiel, Maggie’s dull consolidation of the Hilltop, or Rick on the verge of tear thanks to Negan. For such a hyped villain, Negan was the worst part of the season. Coming across as nothing but an uninteresting bully, his killing of Glen and Abraham proved to be the only interesting thing he did.

7. Season Eight

While not much better than the previous season, season eight can, at least, boast some sense of forward momentum. While the promise of all-out war has proven to be a damp squib, there has been some solid moments between Carol and Ezekiel, and even some character progression for Negan.

6. Season Five

While the first few episodes of season five were great, the battle of Terminus is still one of the show’s best episodes, it still felt like an ati-climax after the show taking half the previous season to get there. Then there was the hospital plot, led by Beth who was one of the show’s weakest characters. The second half of the season presented some interesting possibilities with the introduction of Alexandria, but that was overwhelmed by crazy Rick.

5. Season Four

This is the season where The Walking Dead started going off the rails. After some promising early episodes, it was the reappearance of the Governor, who really should have lasted one season for maximum impact, that stopped the show dead. While the final prison battle was great spectacle, the rest of the season was about getting to Terminus, leading to a patchy second half.

4. Season Six

Season six has much more good than bad. The Wolves where an interesting, and unpredictable set of villains, Morgan was back in all of his stick-wielding glory, and the Saviours were still intriguing enemies. Even with the ridiculous near-death escape from Glen, and the poorly thought out death of Denise, season six had some great action, and skilfully seeded the introduction of Negan. Pity they couldn’t pull it off.

3. Season Two

Yeah, yeah, season two’s reputation is the target of much discussion, but what it lacks in forward motion, action, and everything else, it gains through he presence of Shane. Shane was the first, and last, truly interesting villain in The Walking Dead. If it wasn’t for his best friend surviving, he would have been the hero. Rick and Shane’s relationship is still one of the show’s most compelling, with no one getting under Rick’s skin quite like his former friend. Plus, this is the season where Darryl became a fan favourite, it’s much better when you don’t have to wait a week between slower episodes.

2. Season One

This mini-series marked the beginning of The Walking Dead, and it quickly went on to become one of the most watched shows on the planet. Back in a time were zombies were relatively fresh, The Walking Dead presented a tense drama in which survivors had to band together against this terrifying threat. Not only that, the show’s pilot is still one of the best TV episodes of all time.

1. Season Three

After the financial, and production troubles of season two, which had more episodes, less budget, and a fired showrunner, season three had the show in safe hands again. Season three was adapted from the eagerly anticipated prison arc of the comics. Along with the introduction of the Governor, and the return of fan favourite Merle, season three is The Walking Dead firing on all cylinders.




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