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8 Dance Movies & Shows On Netflix That Will Keep You Grooving

8 Dance Movies & Shows On Netflix That Will Keep You Grooving

There is nothing in the world that can beat dancing! One of the most mesmerizing forms of art that sets your soul free. Dancing is a great way to find motivation, to express oneself & it also energizes the body & mind.


From classical to street dancing, contemporary to ballet, hip-hop to robotics, there is a varied form of dance that is found in every corner of the world. Dance is one of the best & indeed the most popular forms of art adapted by humanity.


So, if you have been thinking of taking a step forward in the world of dance, Netflix has a very special range of dance movies & reality shows that can inspire you to get on the floor.


1. Dance Academy: The Comeback


The movie follows the original TV show, depicting the present lives of the characters from the show. The film is a sequel to the show taking shape after the event of the series, which narrates the journey of Tara who dreams of becoming a ballerina star.


2. Centre Stage


An American teen drama that follows a group of young dancers from varied backgrounds who register themselves at the American Ballet Academy in New York City. The movie focuses on the issues & challenges of professional dancing.


3. Burlesque


A musical work of fiction that follows the story of a small-town girl who discovers herself in a neo-burlesque club in L.A. An American backstage musical film by Steven Antin, the film grossed about $91 million worldwide & was also nominated at the Golden Globe Award in the Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy category.


4. High Strung Free Dance


An American drama released on Netflix in 2019, the movie follows the story of three young artists, a choreographer who enrolls himself in New York’s most anticipated new Broadway show teaming up with a contemporary dancer and an innovative pianist. 

High on musical dance drama, the movie turns into an emotional flick when the pianist falls for the choreographer.


5. Alive & Kicking


A dance documentary set across swing dancing, a new American dancing trend.A brief documentary on American dancing trend dating back to the ’20s and ’30s.


6. Go! Live Your Way


A musical romantic web series which follows the story of Mía Cáceres, a naturally gifted teenager who wins a scholarship at a prestigious college. The series follows her journey in a new environment, & the hurdles that she has to overcome to achieve her dreams.


7. Battle


 A dance drama directed by Katarina Launing, the film shows Amalie, a passionate dancer who is preparing for an upcoming dance competition. Her entire life turns upside-down putting her dance career in danger.


8. The Tribe


A Spanish comedy directed by Fernando Colomo, The Tribe is a captivating story of Fidel García Ruiz, played by Paco León, a handsome man who works as human resources director of a massive corporation.


Fidel gets caught in a video while having sex with his secretary, soon becomes a viral sensation.

A year later, his mother comes to know that he is fighting with amnesia often making him forget where he belongs to or where he comes from.


She realizes that her son has a passion for street dancing & later helps him shape up his life accordingly.





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