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7 TV Shows That’ll Probably Be Cancelled In 2018

Every now and then, we wonder why certain producers come up with certain shows. To us, they’re either nonsensical, boring or had potential that fizzled out quickly. Either way, these shows are now condemned in our minds and should understandably be cancelled. Be sure to add to our list in the comments section!

1. Once Upon A Time

This show was so great when it first aired, and we were impressed by the depth they were able to give the characters, but just how many freaking Disney characters are they going to keep adding to the plot? What started out with just the classics now includes Aladdin and Jafar. The seventh season, which started in October, gave the show a bit of new life, but we’ll see how long they can keep it up for- at this rate Moana will make an appearance any time soon.

2. Fear the Walking Dead

If a spin-off were to ever kill the mood of the original show, then Fear the Walking Dead has done that. The show has rarely been able to sustain a pulse and it’s high time that one of the zombies killed it for good.

3. Hell’s Kitchen

World-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay’s first season of Hell’s Kitchen aired in 2005 and for the first few seasons, we were riveted by how he treated the cooks, the prizes he offered and the challenges the show had. But twelve years have passed and they’re still cooking scallops. Gordon Ramsay has also gotten a lot kinder over the years, much to our dismay.

4. The Simpsons

The Simpsons has been around longer than I have and while I’m not jealous, the show is getting tired. The newer adult cartoons and delivering laughs way better than the Simpsons are right now. Unless they do something to give the show a new edge, people will be turning on Rick and Morty and Bo-Jack Horseman, before they watch Homer, Marge and the gang.

5. The Bachelor

The premise of the show is very cute, but after twenty plus season, we’re completely over it. It’s so predictable that now, they’re going to crazy lengths to keep viewers interested. Throw in a mad ex-girlfriend here and a sex scandal there and you’ve got the perfect season. What makes it worse is that half of the couples never even make it to the alter, but they do make it to the fantasy suite.

6. Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Just how much does one really need to keep up with the Kardashian Klan? This family is already so popular that everything they do ends up social media, long before the show even airs. To add to that, most of the Kardashians don’t have much of a personality- with exception of Khloe and maybe Kris- they’re all just pretty blah.

7. So You Think You Can Dance

So You Think You Can Dance has been around since 2005 and it kicked off with quite a bang. But with Dancing with the Stars and the ultra-new World of Dance, the show just does not stand a chance any more. If that wasn’t enough, the show has been losing millions of viewers every year. Time to call it quits we say!




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