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7 TV Shows Kids Today Will Never Understand

Kids today love technology, and we can’t blame them. But if there were things from the past that we could show them, to give them a glimpse of what our childhoods were like, they’d be very confused. They would have no idea why we ‘wasted’ our time watching these shows, they wouldn’t get the jokes or the punch lines. And it’s not an intelligence issue, but rather, a generation issue.

Most of these shows don’t exist anymore, and if they do, they’ve been revamped to suit the current generation of kids. Luckily for us, reruns exist and we’re still able to watch them if we feel a bit nostalgic. Here are some of the TV shows that kids today will never understand.

1. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Enter Will Smith, a kid whose mom sent him to live in a more affluent neighborhood with his aunt and uncle, because he kept getting into trouble. This show was hilarious and taught us lessons at the same time. The old-school clothing and props gave an even more authentic feel. Did we mention how catchy the theme song was?

2. Full House

As the name suggests, Full House was a home filled with many different generations of family and friends, walking in and living in the structure at any one time. From adorable toddler twins, to hormonal teenagers, single dads and pretty cute uncles, this show kept us laughing every single episode. A revamped version of the show premiered on February 26th 2016; it was named Fuller House.

3. Hey Arnold!

For an animated TV show, Hey Arnold sure tackled some pretty heavy issues. Arnold, his grandparents and his diverse group of friends taught us a lesson in every episode, whether it be how to handle bullies, how to deal with unrequited love, there was always something to learn in this cartoon. It was also one of the few cartoons of that time to have characters from many different races, cultures and countries.

4. Saved by the Bell

Everyone could relate to the high-school TV show that was Saved by the Bell. Everyone also had a crush on the show, whether it was adorable Zack, sweetheart Lisa, athletic A.C., lovely Lisa or clumsy Screech. The show was funny, and like many shows of that time, had a lesson in every single episode.

5. Family Matters

Family Matters was the one show during the 90s that we could count on to always remind us that no matter what, family was the most important thing in the world. We were also introduced to one of the funniest nerds in all of television history: Steve Urkel.

6. Rugrats

Rugrats followed a group of babies, some related, always going on adventures. The show was so successful, that it had a least three other ventures, one of them, a movie and another, a series which followed the kids after they grew up a little and went to middle/high school.

7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Maybe kids today might actually understand this. And it’s only because the show has been extremely successful. One cannot count the number of revamps this animated show has had. It has also been turned into two successful movies.




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