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7 Questions Stranger Things Season Two Needs To Answer

1. Does Will have more Slugs inside Him?

A very important question concerning the end of season one. With Will rescued from the Upside Down and enjoying a festive dinner with his mother and brother, he barfs up a slug that disappears down the drain of the bathroom sink. Immediately after that he briefly finds himself back in the Upside Down. So, is that the only slug? Is their more gestating in Will at the beginning of season two? Is that the offspring of the Demogorgon, or something else entirely?

2. What was in the Eggs?

When Joyce and Hopper entered the Upside Down to save Will, they came across eggs, that looked suspiciously like those from the Alien films, that were already hatched. Did these eggs contain different creatures? What other horrors could be lurking in the Upside Down?

3. What happened to Eleven?

From the season two trailers, and the fact that Hopper left eggos in the woods, we know that Eleven is set to return to the show. The real question is, what is the manner of this return? The Duffer Brothers, who created the show, have confirmed that Eleven will be a huge part of this season’s story. Does this mean we will get more information about TV’s most badass superhero?

4. The Other 10

Eleven’s name suggests that her Papa has been experimenting on children for a long time. If Eleven’s name means she is the eleventh subject, what happened to the other ten? There is no concrete evidence that suggests that the other ten subjects are dead. They may even have different powers than Eleven, and be used for different, sinister functions.

5. Why Was Hopper Taken Away?

In order for Hopper and Joyce to enter the Upside Down, Hopper made a deal with Dr Brenner for Eleven. The deal included the stipulation that they could never tell anyone about the Upside Down or the truth about Will. So why was Hopper taken away at the end? The deal was done, so there must be another reason. Could it have anything to do with his daughter?

6. Is Dr Brenner still alive?

The last we saw of the good doctor was him getting attacked by the Demogorgon. No confirmation on his death, with high profile fans such as Stephen King wondering if the doctor survived. It’s confirmed that Paul Reiser’s character in season two is there to clean up Brenner’s mess but, as the TV rules clearly state, no body means Brenner can still return.

7. Six people went missing

Will and Barb were the high-profile victims of the monster, but Dr Brenner lets Joyce know in the season one finale that six people in total have gone missing. In the same episode we saw a hive of victims all in a different state of decomposition: with Barb dead, and Will the freshest victim after keeping himself hidden for so long. This means that there could be a lot more of those slugs.

Stanger Things season two will drop on Netflix on Friday the 27th of October. So, that’s our weekend sorted.




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