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6 TV Shows You Just Don’t Want To Miss In 2017

Watching TV shows and series is a great way to spend your free time, but 2017 is something different. It’s a time to be alive, mainly because there’s so much to choose from, and so much quality series to watch.

I’ve compiled a list of top 6 series you just don’t want to miss in this year, as well as some shows that were quite big some time ago, so let’s see what we have in store for you:

Game of Thrones

Game Of Thrones Season 7

Winter might not be coming, but season 7 is. It’s bound to premiere on the 16th of July this year, and it’s labeled as one of the most anticipated TV series of all time. Here’s major news – all of the previous seasons had 10 episodes, but 7th season will only have 7. You can expect material from the actual Martin’s novels – the Winds of Winter & A dream of Spring.


Noah Hawley’s Legion is the American adaption of the Marvel Comics David Haller (as known as Legion). It premiered on the 8th of February 2017, so you have just enough time to catch up with 8 action-packed episodes. If you’re into X-men, here’s a minor spoiler – Charles Xavier had a son who you will see in action if you tune up with Legion.

The Walking Dead

Zombies, horror, gore, and blood – if you like these things, The Walking Dead is here to provide, and they deliver with ease. The 7th season premiered on 23rd of October 2016, but you simply won’t be able to endure all of the 16 episodes in such a short time. You can expect a brutal amount of gore, some disappointments (someone’s bound to die, and you won’t like it), but it’s one hell of a show.

Better Call Saul

Breaking Bad was so successful that the producers decided that Saul – the shifty lawyer, deserved some spotlight on his own. The series is actually based on crime, drama, but there’s some healthy dose of humor and comedy behind it as well. There are only 2 seasons, but season 3 was confirmed, and it will air any time soon.

Doctor Who

Doctor Who first premiered in 1963, but it’s no surprise that this TV series managed to pull through in this century as well. This might be the best TV series of all time, as it’s packed with Sci-Fi elements, heartbreaking drama, action sequences that will spike your hair, and more. There’s a total of 827 seasons, so you might as well start now.


Taboo is one of Steven Knight’s best work, and it features Tom Hardy (James Delaney), Leo Bill (Benjamin Wilton), Jessie Buckley (Lorna Bow), Jefferson Hall (Atticus), and other famous actors and superstars. Essentially, Taboo is a drama, and you definitely don’t want to miss it, since it only has one season. It premiered this year (10th of January), and it will rock your world without a doubt.



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