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6 Giant TV Show Plot-Holes You Probably Missed

Have you ever found yourself watching your favorite TV show and things just didn’t add up? Maybe something was missing, or maybe something was wrong, but either way it results in a plot hole. Now sometimes they’re easy to miss, especially when we’re caught up in the moment. It’s only when we re-watch the episode that we realize what the heck just happened.

For some people, these plot holes can become quite consuming. Sometimes we lose respect for the writers/producers and other times we strip search the internet for answers. Well, if you’re that kind of person, then this article may not be the best thing for you, because we’re uncovering some of the biggest plot holes from our favorite shows.

TV Show Plot-Holes

1. American Horror Story – The Langdons

Okay, so remember how it was said that the Langdon family had four children? How come we never found out who the fourth Langdon was? They mentioned Tate (the teenage murderer), Adelaide (the cute little girl) and Hugo (the deformed boy in the basement), but who was the fourth? The season goes on without showing who he or she was or could be.

2. Homeland – Carrie’s Mental Health

The thing about being in the CIA is that the screening process to become an operative is really rigorous. They test everything humanly possible. So how was it that it was only Carrie’s superior who realized that she suffered from bipolar disorder? And of course, tests can’t capture everything, but Carrie was so unhinged that it completely baffled us that those screening procedures didn’t even pick up a blip.

3. The Walking Dead – Sophia in the Barn

When Rick and his group stumbled onto Hershel’s barn, they did mention the fact that they were looking for a little girl. Hershel went into his barn of zombies every single day. How did he not notice a little girl with a bright blue t-shirt on? In fact, other members of the Greene family may have helped put her in there. We know the producers wanted to shock us, but once the shock wore off, we were just very confused.

4. Dr. Who – Regenerations

Dr. Who has always stressed that timelords have a limited number of regenerations; 13 to be exact. So can you imagine our confusion when after using all of said regenerations, that he uses one of those regenerations to heal a River Song? Did he get a 14th one? Did a used up one renew itself? Someone please clear it up.

5. Heroes – Claire Survives!

We all know about Claire being able to heal from pretty much everything, as long as her beautiful brain is left alone. And we also know that she only came into those powers as a teenager. So can someone tell us why her surviving a brutal fire, when she was a baby, was attributed to those puberty powers? We’ll wait.

6. Game of Thrones – Shireen’s Hair

We thought Game of Thrones was immune to plot holes, but we were wrong. Back in the day, DNA tests were non-existent, so the only way to tell whose baby was whose, was to look at hair color. Thus far, there is nothing that tells us that Shireen is not a legitimate Baratheon. So why is her hair blonde? Ned only confirmed that Joffrey wasn’t Rob’s because of his ‘Lannister’ blonde hair and because Baratheons are known for all having dark hair, so what does this mean for Shireen?




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